Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Ber" months are coming

The month of July is almost done, in 2 days time, August is already here. Next to come would be the "BER" months. Once September steps in, yuletide season is in the air. Before we even notice, 2009 will almost be done.

What's in it for me this August? It would be my sister's and niece's birthday. Not so much activity, but I guess the bad weather condition will hasten the days of the month.

September, we will remember my grandma's birthday (she took care of me, that's why she's extra special to me) and my other niece's birthday. It will also be on this month that we will start collecting gifts for the coming Christmas. I've been doing this for a few years now and I find it practical and less hassle once the Christmas buzz is around. Also for this month, I guess I'll be on track in terms of preparation for 2 weddings, 1 debut and 1 company activity for November and December.

Hustle bustle for all events will pour over until October. Plus, I'm anticipating for some halloween parties that may be decided upon. Bridal shower for the bride to-be will also be done on this month.

That's it, once November is in ---- I will be one of the most craziest person alive. 1st 2 days of November would be the days to honor the dead and as a true blooded Filipino, we do go around to visit all of our departed loved ones. Then we'll have the wedding. Immediately, the day after the organization to which I am working with will have our annual Million Hectare Walk. Towards the end of the month is the debut.

And December...though I still have a wedding to handle by the end of this month, the whole of December will be for the preparation of Christ's birth, celebrating it the traditional Filipino way... I'll try completing the novena mass! On the sides would be birthdays of my sis-in-law, a nephew and of my grandpa (the soul mate of my grandma who took care of me:))...

Last but not the least would be the welcoming of the new year...I guess, we'll do the what we did last year...join the countdown.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hand Sanitizers

It has been a a practice nowadays to do sanitation on a regular basis because of the AH1N1 virus.

As person, a wife and a mother, I have been particular about hygiene and sanitation. Even our toddler already knows the basics of cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Today, I had to go on "official" errand for our organization. I had to go buy additional packed meals from a well known restaurant. When I entered a mall in Cubao and while waiting for my order, I noticed a table a few meters from the entrance of the mall. On top of the table is a sanitizer for all those coming in. People gladly get a few drops from it to sanitize themselves which is good.

I shared what I saw to some officemates and they too mentioned that in another mall also in Cubao, you'll find the same thing.

If this is the initiative of the Araneta Center Administration to help address in their own little way the prevention of the spread of the virus, let me take this opportunity to commend them for this act. I hope other malls can do the same as these areas are really prone to the spread of not just the AH1N1 virus but all other air-borne viruses.

Gender and Development Training

After a relaxing rest and recreation activity, Haribon Foundation for three consecutive days conducted a Gender and Development Training entitled: Exploring a Gender-Responsive and Rights-based Approach to Community-based Resource Management Projects.

The training was organized by the management of Haribon and was conducted by the UP Center for Women's Studies and the UP Center for Women's Studies Foundation, Inc.

The objective of the training is to make the employees "Gender Sensitive" be it on a personal level and/or professional level. Haribon's activity especially the site-based staff deals with communities with individuals with different personalities, preferences, etc.

After going through the training, I personally was more enlightened with "gender issues". Initially, my idea was so elementary but having to go throughout the training and the specifics of it, gender topic in general is not so simple as is seems to be. It's actually an interesting topic either for discussion or for further studies. Though I must say, it's a complicated issue.

I may say, being gender sensitive can help a lot in dealing with people and in understanding them better, whether you are office based or site based, even on a personal level, gender sensitivity is a great deal. Likewise, being gender sensitive can help create harmony in a community or an organization.

As I've learned in the 3-day training, gender sensitivity must start from within the individual then it would be easy to transcend it to the people you deal with. As a second level management, I highly recommend undergoing the training whether you belong to an organization or not.

Being gender sensitive though doesn't mean that I'm a hard core feminist :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Haribon's R&R

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we at Haribon Foundation just had our Rest & Recreation activity at D' Farm Resort in Bacolor, Pampanga.

As part of the organizing team, we had to be at the office as early as six in the morning of July 9, 2009. I was in charged of the one-and-only game a.k.a. team building activity.

We required all employees to be at the office at 6:30 am for the activity. Despite complaining for an early call time, most of the staff were already in the office even earlier than me. I guess, they were excited as well :)

The activity was for them to prepare lunch for the whole group, ala-Amazing Race type of an activity. We had three groups, each one tasked to prepare a set of menu for the group's lunch at the resort. Thus, the early call had to be for them to be able to go to market, buy the ingredients, pack it for the trip. Part of the game is for them to be back by 8:00 am the latest for us to leave at exactly 8:30 am.

I guess, all had fun...this was just the beginning of it!

We had a few number of guests, all of them family members of staff. My husband and son came in a few minutes before the bus arrived. We rented a Victory Liner bus to transport all to the resort. It was such an experience for our son. As soon as he saw the bus, he went running towards it, eager to ride. It was his first time to ride a bus and he was obviously so behaved. One can really see that he's trying to savor the experience himself. His excitement showed on his face, he can't take the smile off his face! He even told us every now and then that he was "Happy!"
We also had games ala-Cebu Pacific style while in the bus, the bring me game, we gave a few prizes as well to lucky winners, most of which are items donated by suppliers. Thanks by the way!

Upon arriving at the resort, we gave the staff a few minutes to feel the place while we prepared for the materials they will be using for the continuation of the amazing race-cooking game. Once set, we gave the signal for them to start preparing for our lunch. Though not so much of a surprise, since we knew that we had staff who are good cooks, we had a sumptuous lunch. The Blue team prepared inihaw na liempo, ensaladang talong and ensaladang mangga...yum yum. The Red team prepared adobong manok and noodle soup. While the white team prepared pinakbet and fruit salad for dessert.

While the staff were preparing for lunch, guests especially the children already jumped into the pool. It was past 10 in the morning when we arrived at the resort and the heat can really be felt...Our adorable son won't stop pulling his daddy's hands leading to the pool. My husband on the other hand, can't resist him, so despite the scourging heat, both of them joined other kids in the pool.

Our son really had fun! After lunch, I joined them as well. It was really fun seeing our son having fun. He even went sliding with his daddy, though he didn't go back because he was submerged for a while after the slide. His inflatable boat capsized too but it didn't stop him from staying in the pool, though he was more cautious after the experience.

After lunch it was a free time for all, we had the choice to go dip in the pool, or take a nap, others played mahjong while starting out with the hard drinks we packed. Still others tried the other facilities available in the resort, most of the boys played the billiards, others went basketball, there was also a table tennis available. Some also tried fishing for tilapia and hito which was served during dinner. But the most sought after was the karaoke, wherein almost all tried to render at least a song. Those with good voices and those who are strong willed rendered more ;)

The R&R was only an overnight trip but we sure had fun, Haribon as an organization and we as a family. It was truly something we can look back both for the organization and for us who brought our families with us.

Thanks to Haribon for this simple yet meaningful experience and we're looking forward to having another one next year (hopefully) :)