Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is in the air (MYM, RT & Mommy & Me Monday)

Truly Christmas is in the air...countdown starts today as tomorrow is officially December 24 days to go before Christmas eve.

There's a lot to be joyful during this yuletide season, shopping is one of them. Last November 28, we went to the annual Noel Bazaar by GMA Kapuso at the World Trade Center to check out on gift items and clothes and shoes for our little ones.

We were able to buy Leon a pair of pants at a cheaper price than buying the same in a department store. I wanted to buy a slip on from Ipanema (ELRO) but the design that I want went sold out! whew ;(...it went as low as P300 for a pair of footwear! I content myself with 3 pairs of branded sock which I was able to buy for a hundred bucks. My husband also wanted to buy a pair of rubbershoes, but those available wasn't his type. Even Maia's nanny was able to buy a tee which was affordable for her budget. Leon grabbed his much sought Power Rangers toy at a very reasonable price. Daddy M gave in to his plea.

There were plenty to choose from, mostly women blouses and tops, children's wear came next then toys. Men's items were mostly the dry fit shirts and shorts. Household items and furnitures can also be found amongst the more than 100 stalls. Food stalls were also available for customers who get hung
ry amidst their shopping.

Here's my family, my mom included, taken at the entrance of the bazaar.

There's another one on December 18 - 23, you might want to visit for your last minute shopping.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grand Lotto 6/55

P693++ Million is still up for grabs on tonight's Philippine Grand Lotto 6/55 draw. The biggest jackpot prize in the Philippine Lotto history.

I've tried my luck last week unfortunately not even one from my 6-digit combination came out. I'll be trying my luck again tonight.

The pot money is definitely big for someone like me who's just dreaming of having enough to be able to live comfortably. Despite the huge amount, I hope the pot would be won by more than one winners. A lot of people are trying their luck as well and dividing the pot money to more than one winner will be of great help to those who are really in dire need of money. I hope too, that whoever wins the prize would use the money properly. This is an opportunity...maybe a test also to the winner on how he or she will manage the big sum of an amount...

P693 was at stake last Friday...it'll be more tonight. I hope somebody wins this already, this is already a great sum...winning this may give us a heart attack, I hope not! Good luck to all!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Biggies (Mommy Moments 11-26-10)

At last week's theme, I wasn't able to share enough photos of my children with small stuff. This week is the opposite. I've got more than enough pictures to share, mostly of Leon.

Leon on his first halloween in 2001 - a giant pumpkin

In some random strolling in malls - with Mickey Mouse, The Hulk and Captain America, Tigger and Pooh, Lightning McQueen and another robot I'm am not too familiar with.
In a car show - Michellin mascotTransformers on display, Leon with his 2 favorite characters, Optimus Prime and BumblebeeOf course, who would miss our proudly Pinoy mascot...Jollibee!!!
And for Christmas, who would miss the giant Christmas tree display at the Araneta Center
and a life size Santa Claus in last years Noel Bazaar at the world trade center.

mommy moments

LuckyToe joined The Million Hectare Challenge

November 21, 2010 is already part of my personal history. I, together with my husband M and children Leon and Maia joined the pledge run organized by Haribon Foundation to help restore the Philippine Rainforest. Officially, our family team was named LuckyToe.

Team LuckyToe
1394 - M; 0038 - Hahai
0028 - Leon; 0023 - Maia

My husband M joined the 5K run category while me and the kids joined the 3K walk/run category...well, for obvious reasons, both kids are too young to do the distance but Leon definitely had fun running and walking around the 3K route. Maia of course was in her stroller the whole time.

M finished the 5K route 37.10 minutes and was ranked 37 amongst 130 5K male runners. While I did the 3K route in 30.05 minutes ranking 83 among 138 female 3K runners. Mine was a combination of run and walk since Leon was with me during the 1st kilometer of the 3K distance. He called it quits almost halfway complaining that he's already tired and was more interested in playing with the other kids at the kids activity area.
M crossing the finish line

Me, making faces right after
crossing the finish line chute

So far, both me and my husband enjoyed the event, the race component especially, because it paved our way to join in more races in the near future. For the kids, it's only tagging them along with us for them to be able to see and realize the benefits of running and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Haribon Foundation made the event more fun by giving out freebies and special prices. Maia grabbed the youngest registered participant at 7 months old. The organization as well commissioned ColoursPhotoShoppe for a free photo booth for all participants and guest.

Maia with Daddy M accepting the youngest registrant prize.

Team LuckyToe having fun at the photo booth

Running is our form of exercise. We do not go to the gym to get fit, rather we make it our regular Sunday afternoon activity running, jogging or walking around UP's acad oval.

With the Million Hectare Challenge paving our way to more runs, I guess, joining in fun/advocacy runs will be a regular event for Team LuckyToe.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Million Hectare Challenge

Last Sunday, November 21 was a big day for us Haribon Foundation employees, volunteers and partners. It was the staging of our first-ever fun run to raise funds to restore the Philippines' rainforest, dubbed as the Million Hectare Challenge 2010. The fun-pledge walk/run was held at the Venice Piazza at the McKinley Hill in Taguig City.Many joined the event, from individual participants such as our employees, members and supporters to team participation composed of family members, group of friends and officemates to organization teams such as the contingent from the National Grid Corporation, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Army, Mead Johnson Nutrition Phils., 3M Phils., UST-Global, Malayan Insurance. School organizations were also well represented. Teachers and students from the Ateneo de Manila University, the San Beda Mountaineering Society, Miriam College, Xavier School, Brent International School joined in to support the cause.

Private companies sponsored the event to show their support for Har
ibon. GMA7, Manila Times, Business World, Aquabest, Mega Publishing Group and the RadioPartner were some of the major sponsors. Other sponsors were MegaWorld for the venue and San Miguel coffee, Rebisco crackers, Coppertone, Mizuno, Pascual Laboratories, 3M Phils., A&F Magazine, TaiChi, LiteWater, Honda Phils., Acer and for the freebies.

Private personalities also shelled out cash to help support the cause. Mr
. John Lesaca, a Haribon Board of Trustees shouldered the food supply of all Haribon staff and volunteers during the event. Miescor through Mr. Jesus P. Francisco, Haribon's Chair donated a good sum of money to cover some expenses. The Rotary Club of Midtown Diliman represented by its President Mr. Randy Tan graced the event by handing to our COO their check donation.

Danny Dematera served as the race director together with his UP
Mountaineer team who acted as race marshals. Runningmate supplied the race chips as well as the software for a more accurate running time for all runners. Volunteers from the Southern Police District was there to aide in the traffic flow of not just the runners but also the vehicles plying the McKinley Road. Two medical teams with two ambulance from the PCSO were there give first aid to participants who might need them, good thing no one needed their services. Forerunner supplied the sound system and electricity during the whole event. ColoursPhotoShoppe graciously supplied the photo booth that catered all participants and visitors of the event.

Local celebrities such as Suzie Abrera and her 3 pretty daughter
s graced the event. They too ran to show their support for the cause. DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman and family likewise supported the cause by participating in the run. Yco of Unang Hirit lead the warm up exercise and DJ Tom Alvarez hosted the event's program. The Sex Bomb dancers added fun to the program by rendering 2 sexy dance numbers.

Hector & Dinky Soliman crossing the Finish Arch

Sex Bomb Dancers

Aside from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for male and female for all the 3 categories (3K, 5K and 10K), participants were also treated with special prizes. Highest number in terms of corporate/company team was awarded to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines with a more than 200 participants. Highest number for a family team went to MaxB team of the del Castillo clan. Oldest registered participant went to a 77 year old man who took the 3K challenge - Mr. Benjamin Elgincolin while the youngest registered participant went to my dear Mita Ysabel "Maia" Ponce at 7 months old. Face of the day - male and female are yet to be awarded as well as the individual and team participants with highest amount of pledge raised.
Oldest registered participant

Start & Finish set-up

Warming up

Philippine Coast Guard in their bright orange uniform

Prof. Blas Tabaranza, Jr. Haribon's Chief Operating Officer
welcoming and thanking all those who supported the run

With the positive and encouraging comments we've been getting during and after the event, we're now looking at how to improve next year's Million Hectare Challenge. Cheers to Haribon Foundation and the Philippine Rainforest!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little Ones (Mommy Moments 11-19-10)

mommy moments

This week's theme on Mommy Moments is on Little Stuff...this I can't find from any of my children's photos. One major reason is that, I'm too afraid that they might accidentally or intenionally lol! swallow small things. Instead I'm sharing a photo of how little Maia is when placed beside her older brother Leon.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

When We Wish Upon A Star (CC: 11-17-10)

Just like any other couples out there, we too have our moments doing wishful thinking together.

Our most fervent wish this time is for us to have our own abode. Not the grand one, but hey, we're wishing here, why not make it grand! Kidding aside, a home that would be comfortable enough for the four us. The kids are growing up fast and we see the need for them to have their own spaces as well. Another wish would be for us to be able to provide well for our children. Give them good education, a comfortable lif
e and a little of the good life.

Both of us loves to travel, this too is in the wishlist. Together with our little gems, for us to be able to visit beautiful places in the Philippines as well as interesting places around the world.

Beyond material pleasures, we wish for a sound mind, healthy beings and happy family going through life's greatness and challenges together.

A special wish though, is for us to stay long enough to be able to see our children live their lives to the fullest and for me and M to grow grey hairs together.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leon's favorite color (Mommy Moments 11-12-10)

Can't say yet what's Leon's favorite color is, when I asked him the question, his answer was:

Blue because of his favorite muscle shirt and the blue bus that we usually get to see during weekends on route to my sis-in-law's place and it's Daddy's favorite color as well.

Red because of his red converse sneakers
and sometimes he would say Pink, because 'it's Mommy's favorite color'!...how sweet ;)

Oh well, he's just 3, maybe we'll get to know his true favorite color when he gets a little older.

Maia's too little to say what color is her favorite, someday, I might get the chance to post it still ;)

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What We've Accomplished

I believe this week's topic on CC is a continuation of last week's.

M and I have been married for more that 4 years now, so far, things are going on as planned, though, the usual bumps on the road being traveled as a couple and as a family are inevitable.

Even before we got married, our plan to own a car of our ow
n was already accomplished. We bought a second hand car from his cousin's shop, from our savings. I guess that will count as one.

So far, in the 4 years together, we've already accomplished a few in our list...we now have two children, with age gap as we've planned, plus another consideration...I told my husband, we should have the children before I reach the age of 40. Maia came in 2 years before the targeted age.
From our savings, we've managed to shoulder major renovations in my mom's house, an act of gratitude for our free stay. Financially speaking, we were able to get across our father's funeral as well as our mom's surgery and medical needs when diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

M is working hard to get across another in our list of plans, that of having a home for our family. I'm supporting him dearly here. Though staying with my mom is quite a comfort for us financially speaking, but having our own place where the children can freely do what they want, shout their throat out as much as they want and getting the feeling of going home to your own house is so much of an accomplishment for us. This one he plans to accomplish soon.

We're taking things as they come in though, not so much in a hurry although a few things are of priority coz we know there's still more to accomplish in the years to come.

More than any material accomplishments, I believe going home to loving and caring spouse and equally lovable children, a healthy family - psychologically, physically and spiritually is so much of an accomplishment for me and M.

How bout you guys...share your accomplishments too, here at

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Me and my little Maia

Yesterday, our little deary Maia turned 7 months!

As fast as time flies, little Maia grows fast as well. As if it was just a few weeks ago that the nurse from the hospital handed her to me for the first time. Baby Maia was too tiny and still wrinkled from her 9 months stay in my tummy.

Now she's gone to be a big little baby girl who's started crawling and always want to be in a standing position. She's not too fond of smiling but you know when she's all lighted up because of the smile in her pretty pair of expressive eyes. She's now able to express herself such as flashing a sad eyes whenever I'm off to work or extending her arms reaching out to me or her Daddy when we come home from work.
She's in the stage wherein she's enjoying being nuzzle-wuzzled.

As much as I want her to be forever a baby, I know she'll grow up sooner than later but I really am wishing that time flies slow so that we can enjoy the days of her as well as her older brother Leon's childhood days.

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(Nov. 8, 2010)

Colorful Toys

There are times I find myself thinking of the how intelligent the inventors of toys are, be it toys from the past or of current times. The combination of its colors attracts kids of all ages no matter how simple or complicated a toy may be. Colors definitely is a factor in toy designs.

Here's Leon playing around with the toy displays at th
e Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall. He has a similar set at home yet whenever we go strolling around a mall, these kinds of toy displays never fails to amuse him.

This one we do not have yet, though maybe if we are better off financially in the near future, we may get one as Daddy M is such a fan of foosball.

Leon trying his hand on foosball...
hmm...like father like son

(Nov 8, 2010)

(Nov. 9, 2010)