Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas Tree

As I mentioned in my previous blog, me and my husband are both excited for the coming yuletide season...specially because of our son. Although he was already with us last year, this time he is more responsive to details. I can't wait to see the glow in his face once his daddy puts up the Christmas tree.

Last year, we bought an 8-feet Christmas tree. Quite special because it's the first Christmas tree we bought as a family. What we had the previous years were of my (blood) family. I can still remember going to Divisoria (a bargain place in Manila) to buy a cheaper version of what we see in department stores. It was past 7 in the evening, we went there together with our then 8-month old son, being carried by his daddy, passing through the small alleys of "the" Divisoria, just to buy the tree.

Last year's motif was red. It will still be red this year. Mainly because I want to express my creativity in decorating the tree using the old stuff... making use of old decors to bring out the "fad" of this year's. Second reason would be for my red attracts the attention of most kids...I know it will be fun decorating the tree with a toddler messing around. Lastly, why is the favorite color of my father who recently passed away...this will be the first Christmas season without him around...

The previous weekend, I requested my husband for us to go window shopping specifically for Christmas decors...I want to see the trend so I'll know how to decorate our tree. With what we saw in one of the malls...I think it will be easy decorating the tree...with a few items to add on it...alas, the Christmas Tree!

...will post a picture of it once it's up and decorated.

With this plan on task down :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

too many things to do

rush rush rush...

it's end of October! goodness gracious 2008 is almost done!

what have I accomplished for the past 9 months?

what have happened this year?

what are the things still to be done before the year ends? for the family, work and myself...

so many things to do yet a little time office table is a mess...I've wanted to clear it up, but every time I do so, I end up stacking more stuff on it!

Yuletide season is coming faster than expected...again, more things to do, preparation for this special season of the year.

Wishlist - for myself and our son...Daddy knows what he wants :)
Gift list - for Daddy, our son, our parents, siblings, nephews and nieces,
godchildren, special friends
Things to prepare - Christmas Tree, Christmas star, locally known as Parol,
decors for the house to fit the holiday season
Things to buy - decors and Christmas stuff

...what else, oh, food, what to prepare for noche husband is good at this...he loves to cook.

Oh well, I still have a day and a half to go before going into Yuletide mode. Getting excited about it though because this is the second year with our baby Leon. The year 2007 was special because it was a first. This year is quite different because Leon is more responsive to what he sees.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

speaking out my heart

To some of us, it's difficult to express ourselves. Sometimes and most especially to our immediate family members, it is difficult to tell them that we love them, how special they are to us, how much they mean to us.

Most of the time we find ourselves in repentance for not expressing what's in our minds and hearts.

Most of the time saying I love you to the special people in our lives doesn't have meaning anymore...for they've already left us permanently...

Just this morning, I received a message from one of my closest friends...his boyfriend passed away. Too sudden...yes...quite drastic too.

After hearing from her the details of the accident, I felt more sad...sad because he was also my friend but more sad because of the manner of his death. He was one of the persons I didn't give much attention to. He was “insignificant” to me. He was just another guy, he was just the boyfriend of my friend. It never occurred to me that I'll be saddened by his death. I cried a bit.

The news this morning brought back memories of a just recent event in my life. July of this year, my father passed away, 4 days before my youngest brother's birthday, 17 days before my birthday. Tragic as well, he was shot close range, the bullet entering his left chest, got through his heart, exited at the right side of his stomach. I never thought he would die that way. Everything went too fast.

Yes, everything went too fast. He wasn't able to play with his only grandson (he has 3 granddaughters from my brother). My son was too small yet when my father was with us. He left us on October 2007, to live in the province with our mother. We, my family, were looking forward to visiting them this year, maybe spend Christmas there, so he can play and enjoy the company of his grandson – that will never happen anymore.

I wasn't able to talk to him heart to heart, to get mad at him, to thank him and to tell him how much I loved him.

My father and I weren't close to each other. I was stubborn for him, I do my ways, which he didn't like in me. I often defend our relationship as - I was actually his mirror image...physically (except that I'm female) and in character – that's why we clashed many times.

But deep inside, I knew he loved me. I knew the reasons why he was strict with me, why he often scolds me. He wanted me to be a better person. He loves me.

To my Papang...wherever you are, I know this is not too late...I LOVE YOU

Sunday, October 19, 2008

seat belts

I mentioned in my previous blog that I'm still scared to drive because of an accident I experienced in the year 2000.

Everything happened so fast...I guess that's why it's called accident.

It was just a normal day in October. I hired a vehicle to fetch my mom, brother and his family in one of Manila's seaport. It was a brand new van-for-hire, Toyota FX. On our way to the pier, it was a conscious effort on my part to put on my seatbelt...although the driver also reminded me to do so.

We were already in the vicinity of the pier, an intersection a few meters away from the gate, the driver of our vehicle shifted to 1st gear because it was nearly our turn to cross the road. Suddenly a delivery cargo truck hit on the car behind us. Wham! we turned 360 degrees from where we were! We bumped into another vehicle which was coming towards us. Because of the impact, the vehicle was a total wreck.

Residents along the street where the accident happened rushed to us to take us out of the vehicle for anytime it may explode...good thing it didn't.

Most of them said it was a miracle that none of us was hurt. Although my neck was hurt because I bumped my head on the seat's headrest and the windshield came crashing into us...eventually I had myself x-rayed...

I firmly believe if it wasn't for the seatbelt I may have been thrown out of the window. I could have been dead!

Thanks to the seatbelt. Thanks to the one who invented the seatbelt. It surely saved my life.

A few hours after that accident, I was with my family, on another hired van...we passed by the totally wrecked van, showed it to them...Mama gave me a tight hug after she saw what happened

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


going back to memory lane...

when I was still young, I told myself, I have to learn how to drive a vehicle, a car for that matter.

although we had a car when I was still young, it was in our hometown, not here where we grew up...I did not have the chance to sneak it out to learn to drive.

I eventually had the chance when my then boyfriend, now my husband :) urged me to go driving school... we were able to buy our own car from our savings even when we were still dating

anyway, I went to driving school...5 day-1 hour per day session. I learned. The driving instructor just told me to practice with our car. Though I tried, I was kinda scared with my boyfriend...the car was his baby, a little scratch would mean war!!! although, he tried coaching me...I was able to drive from our house to his...whew! like I was sweating the whole time!

scared? yes, I had a vehicular accident in 2002 which traumatized me, i guess...which I know I have to overcome...which I'm trying now...

these past few days, I've been thinking of driving our car...will I get enough courage to get hold of the steering wheel again?

let's see...

Diet vs Exercise

Diet vs. Exercise...which is better?

way way back, I tried proving one is better than the other...when I was younger, exercise was better than the diet...I can pig out and still maintain the ideal weight and size. I just had to exercise a bit, alas! i'm back to "the" ideal me.

but as I get older, its starting to get back to the ideal weight and size despite rigorous exercise.

then I went worked well for a while but excess skin remained, so I had to workout to get rid of it.

in 2006 i got pregnant, first pregnancy for that matter. I was 35 years old then. From my ideal weight I gained 30 pounds during the course of the pregnancy...and it remained as is even after giving birth in 2007. I did not put extra effort though in dieting or exercising because I was still nurturing a child (although I still do up to now). In my mind I thought, I have to be healthy enough for my child's sake.

this year, when my child turned one, I decided to go back to how I used to be... I mean, my size and weight. I tried exercise, but it wasn't easy this time. Even when I went jogging regularly, the weighing scale wouldn't lie (my weighing scale by the way is defects!). Exercise doesn't work the same way for me this time as it did some years ago!

in June of this year, I went on a diet, veggies only, no went well for me...then I saw the effects of dieting after two months. I'm a leaner 125 pounds!
and still trying to trim down 10 lbs more...

now that I'm slimmer, I do exercising, to get rid of the excess skin.

i guess we have to get to know ourselves better to understand the effects of diet and exercise in our body. Once we know what works for us, diet only, exercise only, diet first then exercise later or the other way around, stick to that...getting into what's the fad won't really help.

i may say diet and/or exercise is not better than the other, it works well together. Especially for someone in the midst 30s, we really have to be a little more strict in our diet and doing exercises.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

cross stitch

I've been wanting to write about the cross stitch designs that I have finished, some framed, others not yet, but I don't know how to start writing about it.

The designs have been on ads on-line for at least a month already...The number of hits are increasing but no one really asked about it. I was starting to think of other options for the cross stitch designs...

Until today...

This morning, I received a text message from my husband that someone e-mailed him asking for the price of one of my finished design, The Rose of Sharon. I gave him the price and with some haggling here and there, I think, they compromised on a price. On Sunday we will be delivering it to the person.


I'm having mixed emotions now, quite sad because, all the designs I have finished are dear to me...I'm having difficulty of thinking that I'm giving it up, this design is one of my favorites...although I can still do another one in the future, but there is the sense of ownership that I'm still clinging to...Oh well, I have to get over it asap.

I'm also happy about it, we were able to sell one! (nearly though, I hope he or she will not change her mind before delivery date)

I'm likewise getting excited for more sales to come...and excited too, in making more designs.

...another luck brought by our lucky toe.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

even when I was still single, I was already aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, not just from hard facts but also from my personal experiences. Me and my siblings, were all breastfed by our mom and I can proudly say that we are all healthy...healthy in the sense that we don't get sick easily, we haven't been hospitalized because of various ailments...

when it was already my turn on nurturing my child...there were worries in mind, one of them is not producing enough milk for my child. To my surprise, I have enough milk him...more than enough actually, my baby is more than a year old and I still breastfeed!!!

since our baby arrived, he has never been sick. Sick, meaning, high fever, convulsions and the likes. He, though had his share of colds. Even with colds, it doesn't last long, a day or two, and on the third day, it's gone.

another very visible benefit of breastfeeding as can be seen on my child is the bone structure. I really can't say if this is because of breastfeeding, but I think there is (this merits a research). Relatives, friends and acquaintances would often mistake my child as a 3-year old kid...Well my husband is quite tall, this is one factor to be considered
though. Most of them would attribute his size to breastfeeding...

not to mention the savings we get from breastfeeding instead of buying formula milk. Not that I'm against formula milk, my child also takes formula milk now that I'm back working.

oh well...more researches to of now, I'm thankful that I breastfeed... As the saying goes...breast milk is best for babies. True enough...breast milk is best for our babies.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Simple Joys

I'm married for two years now. Every once in a while, we go on memory lane and one of our favorite topics is our wedding...the details of it.

The decision to get married was primarily based on our mutual desire to be together for the rest of our lives. The details of the wedding were all secondary. Since both of us are Catholics, what was important to us was the blessings to be bestowed upon us that will strengthen the relationship and serve as an anchor to the relationship.We focused more on the details of the rites than the celebration after the rites, the reception. To sum it all, the wedding went as planned...although not too perfect, as always for any occasion, glitches arises on the day itself...which we already conditioned ourselves so as not to spoil the occasion.

Going back to memory husband would often ask me, if given the chance to redo the wedding, what aspect of it shall I modify, if not change at all...

My answer...I will not change any part of it...I love it as it is, with all the bloopers and everything...what's important is I married the man I love and it was witnessed by the special people in our lives.

I guess for any (married) woman, wedding is the most special of all occasions... whatever happens during the event that is not part of the plan...that's what makes is SPECIAL.

lucky toe

Lucky toe...this belongs to my son Leon. Although Leon is far from being not normal, one of his toes is slightly unusual. For "normal"- sized toes, usually, starting from the biggest toe, the fifth one is the smallest, but in Leon's case, his left foot, the supposedly smallest toe is slightly longer than the fourth toe, which makes the fourth toe the smallest. This is the Lucky Toe.

Literally speaking, it's a lucky toe. When I was still on the family way, my husband was contemplating on finding a better job with better pay. A few days after giving birth to Leon, Daddy got his new job...with better pay!

Up to now, we attribute all the unexpected good things that happens to the family to the lucky toe. Of course, with the lucky toe, our baby Leon is our lucky charm...