Friday, March 5, 2010

Nanny: Part 2

I've mentioned in my earlier post regarding our replacement nanny who smokes cigars.

I have my preference in terms of hiring nannies for our child. My personal requirements are as follows:

1. Should be at least 18 years old, preferably single
2. Knows how to speak the English language
3. Must have had an experience caring for children with age range as my son's
4. Must enjoy the company of children
5. Does not smoke cigars and is not alcoholic

I'm very much particular with item #5. Why? Cigar smokers already made cigarette smoking a habit, most of the time, it's already part of their lifestyle. I have nothing against the person smoking, it's their choice. But once it affects me, my family, especially my children, that's when it becomes a matter to be dealt with.

Upon interview, this must be disclosed to us. Me and my husband, after the questioning the potential nannies, would also ask them of their expectations and about matters to be clarified with before starting. Talking about this particular nanny, which we are on trial with, she did not tell us that she smokes. Had I knew before hand, we wouldn't accept he

It is a fact that non-smokers who are exposed to second hand smoke are at greater risk than that of direct smokers. What more if second hand smokers are children. Passive smoking post a risk to children as this can cause low birth weight babies, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), bronchitis, pneumonia and middle ear infection. We are not even talking about the risk of lung cancer brought about by either direct smoking or passive smoking.

It not just posses risk with our 3 year old son, whom she's taking care of, it likewise poses risk with the baby I'm about to deliver in a month.

Today, since there are 2 potential nannies, which I'm very much inclined to hire, me and my husband will be talking to the current nanny about her smoking habit and have to explain to her about effects it has on our child, we just have to decide not to proceed to hiring her.

It'll be unfortunate for her to be unemployed but the great risk she has with my son and the soon-to-arrive baby is far more important to me than anything else.


Nowadays it's difficult to find someone to take care of your child when both husband and wife are working. Someone whom you could trust with the life of your child. Babysitters are special kind of people who has the charm with kids. Someone at first glance you'd know she will be liked by your child. Even you as a mom would have the instinct that she'll do well with your child. Someone you can be confident of in terms of taking care of your child when you are away.

In December last year, our son's nanny informed us that she's quitting. I felt bad, though I had the feeling already because she's been quiet lately and shows off a little laziness in terms of doing other chores beside caring for our son. We were able to convince her to stay until we find someone to replace her.

Since then, we've been looking for someone to replace her, plus an additional one to do household chores. I'm quite helpless at the moment as I'm heavy with our second child. I really do need someone to help me with being a homemaker. I'm not keen to get one from agencies because of some news about babies or children being kidnapped and sold by their nannies and the likes. I go to relatives and friends whom
I trusts for their referrals. The other day, I got a text message from an aunt saying they've got 2 nannies for me but will be available on the 15th of this month yet. So I immediately contacted my husband, told him the news and decided on it. Until last night, our current nanny talked to us, saying she has to leave immediately. We really didn't have the choice, we're letting her off today.

Though she's brought a replacement nanny with her the other weekend. A middle aged woman, who has a limited experience in babysitting and who I found out on her second night with us, is smoking cigars! I'm keen to train her as a babysitter but it's really a no no for me with regards to smoking cigars - well this one will be expounded in the next post. She's good with the other household chores but our son isn't much pleased with her presence. He'll often say that his Ate will be the one to take of him and no other one. - We're still on the trial stage.

We tried talking to our son last night. Me and my husband took turns in explaining to him that his ate is leaving for good. Our son is an intelligent kid, I believe like most kids nowadays, he'll insist on his ate and he'd cry whenever we say, ate is going home. He'd express his dislike with the older nanny.

I'm now faced with the dilemma of leaving our son to with the older nanny starting next week when I go back to work on Monday. I think I really have to work on their bonding today and tomorrow.

Oh well, this is one situation that both me and husband is dreading to face. This leads to a more major decision of me quitting my 8 hour regular job to be a full time mom and homemaker. Good luck to both of us!

The coming of our second baby

I'll be on my 31st week of pregnancy by tomorrow. I'm due May 2nd but since I'm on c-section, we're scheduling my delivery 2nd week of April, that will be exactly a month and a week from now. Excited? Yes! Though this is our 2nd child already, but as parents, the coming of a child whether it's a firstborn or not is a reason to prepare and celebrate. For like more than two weeks already, this baby I'm heavy with keeps on moving around, making us more excited for the coming. I had my ultrasound already, but as mentioned in my previous blog, me and my husband didn't want to know the sex of the baby -- this is one reason why we're excited. There's more though, me and my husband are having fun listening to our friends' guess of what the baby will be...boy or girl. I even have a tally sheet in the office of my officemates' guesses. What's leading? Most of them guess this child would be a girl. Quite funny because, the reasons behind their guesses are mostly based on how I appear to them as a pregnant woman. Others would base their guesses on the movements of the child in me -- if the baby is behave, most probably it's a boy, while if the baby often moves, it'll be a girl.

But what makes me more excited is the reaction of my husband whenever the baby moves. He often compares it to my first pregnancy, in which our son then wasn't as active as this one now.

Much also to my excitement is when I started to bring out our eldest son's infant clothes and other stuff which will be worn and used by this baby. Another reason is that I've overheard some of my officemates about the baby shower they're preparing for me.

Hmmm, I don't know when but soon I will start counting the days till my delivery...

Definitely, with all the emotions attached to being pregnant, a child is a gift from God!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Strawberries for Leon

I dropped by the supermarket yesterday to buy some ingredients for our dinner last night, while going around the supermarket, I chanced upon a package of strawberries. I really don't know if strawberries are in season but looking at the redness of each piece of strawberry made me decide to put it in my basket.

It was my son Leon whom I was thinking all the while while deciding to buy the strawberries or not. It'll be his first time to eat the fruit as a fruit. His usual encounter with strawberries are those already processed as jelly or shake or as fillings in some sandwiched-crackers and so.

On my way home, my thoughts were...i hope he'll like it, i hope he'll like it. When I reached home, with crossed fingers, I showed the package to our son, seeing it, his face shone with excitement.

After supper, we had the strawberries served as dessert. Seeing the fruit again being served in the table, he made sure that he'll be the first one to eat them. Grabbed the biggest piece and bit it with delight. Me and my husband took great pleasure looking at our son enjoying every piece of strawberry there is.

I'm just so thankful that our son isn't difficult to feed - healthy foods for that matter. I do keep praying though that his eating habit won't change as he grows older.

Even when I was tucking him in bed, just before he fell asleep, he still asked me if there were still strawberries for tomorrow... hmmm he definitely liked it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Healthy Diet

Here are 5 food stuff to keep in mind in maintaining a healthy diet and a leaner you:

1. Leafy greens - Medical experts call them one of nature's miracle foods. Leafy greens like our local kangkong and kamote tops, are high in nutrients like folate and vitamins A and C that can lower your risk of cancer. Just one cup of any dark greens a day could also prevent diabeter and high blood pressure.

2. Nuts - almond, walnuts and cashew are highly recommended because they're high in natural fiber which slows your digestive process, keeping hunger and unhealthy mid-afternoon snacks at bay.

3. Onions - scientific studies shows that regular intake of onions reduce symptoms of asthma and the risk of developing stomach cancer. The stronger the onion, the greater the health benefit.

4. Whole grain - Flattens your belly by reducing fat storage in your lower abdomenal region.

5. Yogurt - Improve digestion. Pick the one rich in vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis.