Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Organizer: Part2

As mentioned in my earlier blog, I've been tasked to organize the wedding of a couple-friend who are tying the knot March of 2010.

Just today, I received a confirmation for me to organize also the wedding of another couple-friend who are getting hitched November this year.

Great! isn't it???

True to the saying - "when it rains, it pours". I believe this is truly the beginning of a new career for me.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wedding Organizer

Wedding Organizer, I just got too excited about the idea! I've wanted to really concentrate on this task but it got sidetracked because of the load I have with my full-time job.

Just this weekend, I closed a deal with a couple-friend whose getting hitched early next year. Since both are close friends, the fee that I charged is way way too low as compared to other events organizers, wedding in particular.

This is actually my second wedding event. Technically, the first one was my wedding! Though there were some bloopers, the wedding went out just fine and as planned. Something I'm very proud of and to which these friends really are relying upon my "expertise" in handling such an event.

I'm still waiting for another couple-friend who are also in the planning stage but are still undecided...oh well...patience is (still) a virtue...

Crossing my fingers, hoping that this will be the beginning of the realization of something I was just dreaming of some years back.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is being celebrated every 22nd of April. Haribon Foundation, as an environmental organization takes the lead in celebrating it every year with different organizations.

Earth Day's activity for this year is entitled Sibol: Earth Day 2009: Nurturing a Green Generation. This is again a team-up with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Winner Foundation, GMA 7 and Manila Broadcasting Corporation.

There will be various activities for this celebration:
Juan for Tree - An art installation competition and exhibit
Manila Bay Clean-up - a clean-up drive of the Manila Bay together with
the Philippine Navy, Philippine Coast Guard, DENR, Harbour Square
and the Department of Tourism.
Luntiang Kalikasan - a tree planting and clean-up activity at the Liwasang
Road to 2020: Growing the Trunk - Haribon's exhibit highlighting our ROAD
to 2020 campaign to restore 1 million hectares of rainforests with native
tree species with the support form the European Union. The exhibit will
run until the end of this month.
Likhang Bago - a showcase of recycled products
Earthday 09: Film Showing - a showcase of videos from young filmmakers.
The Green Show - An Interactive Edutainment One Man Show
Green Tube - A multimedia campaign and exhibit - how young generation can
help protect and save the environment.
Green Cycles (bike-a-thon) - marathon promoting health inducing
undertakings and reducing carbon emission.

At the SM Mall of Asia, we will also be having an exhibit and activities for children, registration is free and goodies will be given to early registrants. It will be an educational activity for children as it would be fun-filled. The same exhibit and activities will be transferred to SM Marikina on the next day which will run for one week.

We're inviting everyone to join the activities both at CCP and SM Mall of Asia and SM Marikina. Children are most welcome as they are the future generation who will benefit from the good things we've started for our environment.

For more details please log on to Haribon's website

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


since photography as a hobby is in, I'm trying my hands as well :)

tried taking pictures during the Holy week, Visita Iglesia in particular since we'll be going around the metro to visit at least 7 churches, but I failed...can't hold on to the cam and take a while off from the group to take photos of the church, or the saints, or the crowd.

Why wasn't I able to? Because, I was with my mom and my mom-in-law who are both religious and won't appreciate the idea of my taking pictures :(

Anyway, got the chance last Saturday, at the SM Mall of Asia...

Here is it...I hope this is a good start for me :)

Cervix Cancer

Yesterday, an officemate told us that her mom was diagnosed to have stage 3 cervical cancer. Recently, in the news cancer of the cervix is on headlines and most of us (women) in the office are quite alarmed already of the whole idea. Recent news tells us of this viral infection that can lead to having cervical cancer...need to read more on this though.

One of the managers already requested all of us to inquire from our OB-Gyne the cost of the vaccine which all women must submit to to avoid the infection. We might be able to get discount if we go as a group :). Maybe pharmaceuticals also can provide for this cause.

The idea is quite vague to me yet and my attention isn't focused on it, but hearing from somebody who has it is really really alarming.

I do believe in the saying "prevention is better than cure." As early as now we need to get more info on this, preventive measures must be practiced to avoid the disease. Let's all live a healthy lifestyle, not just for ourselves but most especially for our loved ones.
Today I'm officially on leave for the Holy Week but as mentioned in my earlier blog...I had to do some errands, that was this morning.

Though at this exact moment, I'm blogging, I'm likewise killing my time. I'm waiting for the 5 o'clock off of my office mates who still are working in the office. I'm going back to shut down the system and ensure that the office is secured for the Holy-days.

As much as I want to spend time with our son, I can't really give the quality time that he deserves because my mind is preoccupied by the 5-o'clock thing ... talking about responsibilities huh???

I guess this is one thing I will be reflecting on during the Holy week...

Oh well...

where my taxes go

I just came from Quezon City Hall to do some office the way, most of my staff are on leave for the Holy Week, including the messenger, so I had to do his work for today. Though I'm on leave as well...hmmm

It has been years since I went to the place, I think some three years ago while we were doing some arrangements for our wedding...the permits and everything.

I'm really quite pleased to have seen the improvements in the QC Hall compound. There are 2 new buildings! This is one of the few simple things we can be proud of for our local government. I've witnessed the works of (I think...)3 QC Mayors and of all, I can say, Mr. Sonny Belmonte has done so much for the government.

Aside from these buildings, it has been visible already for quite sometime the new school building and the facade of public schools. At least these schools will not appear to be too "kawawa" with the old structures which are common to public schools...because of "lack of budget", I guess.

Not that I'm being political here...which isn't really my personality. I'm just happy with the fact that the taxes I pay goes somewhere visible than in the pockets of most politicians.

I hope the improvements and developments in this city will continue and even if new people will hold the posts, I also hope that they will continue the good things that was started by this current office.

Cheers to Mayor Belmonte and the Quezon City Government!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy week vacation

April 6, actually a holiday but our boss gave out directives to move the holiday to Wednesday so instead of a sandwiched workdays, we're having it today and tomorrow :).

Any much as we want to go out of town, we decided not to. Why? Almost everyone from Manila are spending the holidays out-of-town! It's the time of the year that we can freely drive within Metro Manila without the hassle of traffic and too much people around.

We'll be going Visita Iglesia on Holy Thursday, with my mom and my mom-in-law. Where to? no clear plans yet, my husband wants to go east while I want to explore more churches in Metro Manila. We've been to the most common but more relevant churches in Manila and I know there are more to go to.

On Friday, maybe we'll just stay at home, spend time with our son and do some reflections about the message of the holy week. I'm still quite old fashioned regarding beliefs esp on Holy Week...don't want to break them...better safe than sorry.

Saturday...I really don't know yet if my sis-in-law's plan for an overnight out-of-town will push through as almost all resorts and beaches are fully booked.

Easter Sunday - we can try Easter Egg Hunt, since our son is bigger and thougher this year...He'll be able to go through the search with much bigger kids - it'll be his first if ever.

just a reminder, though this may be a long week off from work, I hope everyone finds time reflecting on the real meaning of Christ's death. Have a Happy Easter as well!