Wednesday, November 26, 2008

finally a time to decorate

finally! found time to bring the Christmas spirit in the house...

last week, I was able to squeeze in my time to decorate the Christmas tree. As mentioned in my previous blog, putting up the tree was an effort because of its enormous size. For a small household, the tree was quite took three of us to put it up, me, my younger brother and one of the househelp.

Our son, as expected was around, messing up with the decors, initially playing the couch. Finally, when the tree was up and the decors were in place and he realized that not one decor was with him, he started playing decorating the tree. Taking out decors within his reach...scattering them all over the floor, at some point wanted still to take those on the top...

All throughout the decorating period, it was worthwhile that Leon was with us. It's one experience we were looking forward to...the joy and excitement he had during the whole time was one of the precious moments parents like us will forever cherish.

Though the tree is still a work in progress, the home is now warmer with the spirit of the season in the air.

will post photos soon :)

my first ever fruit shake

as mentioned in my previous blog, me and my husband finally put up the business! it is a food stall business within the area of Mendiola catering to students of at least three major schools, Centro Escolar University, La Consolacion College and V. Mapa High School. Although the stall is within walking distance from more schools such as San Beda College and the College of the Holy Spirit as well.

initially, we applied for a franchise of one of the country's donut chain, unfortunately we had to pull out for some reason. We are now trying ourselves with the fresh fruit shake which uses fresh fruits instead of the more cheaper powder version.

to start with, (while waiting for the donuts a month ago...) we offered bottled drinks....from water to flavored iced tea to fruit juices and even sodas...we also sold chips, candies, school items and the most popular of all the items we sell...cigarettes!!!

we were doing fairly well as starters, but my husband was pressuring us to add more items!

while in the car, I was mumbling about things we may add in the of which is the fruit i was going like this..."how about fruit shake? we do have a blender machine we got as a wedding gift and it has been sitting the shelf for more than two years now..."

my husband replied...why not?!! yes, fruit shake that is!

to cut it short, we bought fresh fruits...went home then he told me to sample one flavor...

what! I do not know how to make one! i love fruit shakes but I don't make one!!! like I'm not a kitchen person....

I had to despite the bickering...he was starting to get mad at me for not acting on my supposedly suggestion...

recipe for a fruit shake...I did not have one to start with! I tried asking from friends how to prepare one gave me a serious answer...HELP! went through the internet to surf for recipes but most of them are westernized....

oh what the a piece of mango, sliced it into portions, tossed it into the blender add a few pieces of tubed ice, a portion of milk, scoops of sugar...pressed the button...alas! my first ever fruit shake!

what's the verdict??? Everyone loved it!!!

the next day it was selling like hot pan de sal in the store! students frequented the store for 'the shake' and are looking forward for more flavors ahead...

whew! this is one thing I should be proud of...we are now making money out of it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my "initial" hectic schedule

been quite busy the last two weeks...

managing fairly the new family business...a food store in Mendiola. I'm in-charge of the daily inventory...adds up to my hectic schedule...but trying hard not to miss out quality time for the family esp with our son Leon...of course, family comes always first before anything else. Anyway, the business and all the things we do are for the family.

been to busy with work as well...just had our annual Million Hectare Walk...and too many deadlines to beat.

I just hope that things will normalize soon since Christmas in already in the air. Will have to squeeze in decorating the house, shopping for gifts and planning for noche buena. The whole family will be spending Christmas eve together, as Mamang wants it that way...might as well be ready for the boo-boos