Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas-time with my family

Despite the busy schedule, me and my husband makes it a point that Christmas is celebrated by the whole family - extended family members included.

We plan for it as early as July or August. From color theme to house de
cors to gifts to give and food to prepare. We even try to squeeze in our schedule bringing our children to watch Christmas shows or attend activities related to Christmas.This year, as mentioned previously, we already went to watch the Christmas show at Greenhills shopping center. We had an eco-friendly bag made as our family give-away this year. We shopped mostly at Divisoria, Philippine's shopping landmark for the gifts we've given out to family members as well as to relatives we are closely in touch with.

Our children had fun opening their gifts. Leon especially, now that he's 3 years old is more appreciative of what he receives no matter how small it is. Leon particularly loves the baseball set he received from a family friend and the Formula 1 toy track set given to him by his uncle, my brother. He loves our Lightning McQueen pillow set gift to him also.

Baseball set from Tito Buboy & Tita Net

Car track set from Uncle Junnie

Maia, on the other hand, patiently waits for the gifts handed to her and Daddy. Daddy M opens the gifts for her.

Maia about to open her gift from Uncle Junnie

Maia flashing a smile after opening
a gift for our family from her nanny Jet

We've gone to visit my sister-in-law's family on Christmas day handing out our gifts for them. Yesterday we attended a family reunion, organized by my cousin-in-law at Pag-Asa in Quezon City. We spent practically the whole day there. All parents and kids enjoyed the company of each other, kidding each other and looking back at old days. Kids awaits the gift giving session my cousin-in-law and his wife organize every year. This year, Leon voluntarily handed the gifts to each child. We were even kidded to have him wear Santa costume next year.
Leon with my SIL's family
(Allana, Tito Louie, Christian, Tita Yeye, Louis, Lucia & Justin)

Leon opening his gift from the Ramolete Family
(Ninong Mon, Tita Ami, Ate Aina & Kuya Roel)

Maia eager to open her gift from the Ramolote family

This year, we've gone to watch the Lights and Sounds Symphony of Parols at the Ayala Triangle in Makati City two times. Bringing along our kids, my mother and the nannies. All enjoyed the show, especially our dearie Leon who was so fascinated with the laser lights effect.
Three generations here: My mom Lydia, Me
and my kids Leon and Maia

My mom Lydia posing in front of the Belen

The Belen at the entrance of the Makati Stock Exchange Building

There are still a few relatives that we haven't visited for the holidays and another reunion set on January 1. More of the holidays to enjoy before going back to work on January 3.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 is a milestone for our family. Ever since, my husband and I planned to have a small family, with only 2 kids. This year was a fulfillment of our plan. It's our first Christmas as a family of four, with Maia to complete us.
As usual we prepared for the birth of Jesus by attending the anticipated mass on the eve of Christmas. After hearing mass, M cooked our meal for Christmas eve --- spaghetti, fried chicken and ham while I prepared the fruit salad early in the afternoon. My brother Juni added softdrinks while my sister Pie shared taco salad and crema de fruta.

When 12 midnight struck we were at the dining table to celebrate Jesus' birthday, we said our prayers and even sang the birthday song for Jesus in which Leon gladly sang with us.
Maia was still sleeping during this shoot

After eating, we headed to the living room to open gifts, of the children most especially and eagerly. Leon's delight upon opening his gifts was more than enough to make us all excited about opening gifts plus some of Maia's smile while Daddy M opens her gifts...Maia's smile is worth a million lol!
The next day, we visited my SIL and handed our gifts to them. We tried visiting relati
ves but most were out spending Christmas day with their families. Instead we headed to the Light and Sounds Symphony of Parols at the Makati Stock Exchange, enjoyed it for an hour then headed home.Yes! This year's color theme is Yellow :)

Merry Christmas to all!!!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Samsung ES73

Last weekend, just before watching the Christmas show at the parking area of Greenhills shopping center, we grabbed the opportunity to buy a point and shot digital camera that fits our budget. This is our gift for each other, from the savings we made for the whole year.

What we got? The Samsung ES73. Why Samsung? My husband and I compared it to most common and known brands, putting into consideration durability, picture quality and the price, we decided on Samsung ES73. Specifications: sleek, 12.2 megapixel, 5x digital zoom. Video and audio recording, red eye reduction and face detection focusing are just some of its features. It has an approximately 9.9MB internal memory and comes with a 2GB external sd card. There were 3 colors to choose from, magenta, red and black. We got the black just to be neutral, although I wanted the magenta. It was priced at P5,999.00 ($133) but with the 20% discount, we got it only at P4,800.00 (approximately $106.67). Good catch isn't it?And just to drain the battery which should be charged initially for 3 hours, I made use of it to take pictures of us which I uploaded as my entry to Mommy and Me Mondays.

For us who are not too much into serious photography rather would want to capture special moments of our children, family and friends, we believe the Samsung ES73 is just but enough.

Yey! no more borrowing of camera from relatives or friends or asking a copy of the photos we are in, or using the camera feature of our mobile phones....

M and I are just proud of what we have accomplished this year and this great buy. Just in time for the holiday season! Picture picture ;)

Christmas show at Greenhills Shopping Center

Christmas show at the Greenhills shopping center is one activity to look forward to every Christmas time here in Metro Manila. Every year it has its theme - anything about the holiday season with emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. The show runs for about 30 minutes and in that short time, the idea of sharing, giving and being thankful for the blessings received are just some of the important values being imparted.

For this year, despite the shower, we brought the kids to watch the show. Leon who is now 3 years old and can understand more. He was attentive throughout the show and was worried about Santa's entry through the chimney. He told us afterward to make sure that all holes in our roof be secured so Santa won't come in through it. Further, he told us that Santa should enter from the front door...really funny serious thoughts from a kid :)

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Yellow Christmas

Sharing with you our work-in-progress Christmas tree. An 8-feet tall tree with red and gold trimmings. Originally we planned to make it all yellow this year but due to budget constrains we're still maintaining the red decors to fill in the gaps.The yellow angel on top marks our daughter Maia's first Christmas with us, while the other yellow angel somewhere in the middle, made from native abaca, was obtained from donating an amount to a church as their fund raising activity for a Christmas party for a less fortunate community.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Give Love on Christmas Day (Mommy Moments 12-17-10)

Christmas is the time of sharing and giving, but for kids, they're more interested on receiving and collecting gifts.

Our dear Leon who is just 3 years old, is having fun accepting gifts but has a hard time giving gifts to his cousins and friends. I'm still trying to explain t
o him every once in a while the concept of gift giving. He knows how to share, like when it comes to food and toys, he share even without us telling him to do so. I guess, it's the packaging that makes him want to have all the gifts to himself - the element of surprise that kids loves. The gifts under our Christmas tree, he claims his, except those he knows to be of his sister Maia.
That's why for Christmas, we already wrapped most of the things he wanted to receive from Santa. A pair of new Chuck Taylor shoes, a Ben10 watch and a pair of adult pillows with Lightning McQueen design. Plus more from his grandmom, uncle and aunts and from our friends.

Maia on the other hand is too little to ask for what she wants for Christmas, though she too has her share of gifts under the tree.

Although it's fun and exciting to look at our children's faces light up with the gifts they receive, it's still important that they realize the true meaning of Christmas, maybe not too soon but in the near future.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Favorite Christmas (CC 12-15-10)

Christmas just like any other couples and family is one of the special holidays we're looking forward to. It's the best gauge of time and growth together as a couple, a family and of our individuality.

We're trying our best to make each Christmas a memorable one for us. This coming will be our 3rd with Leon, 4th as a married couple and 6th since we started g
oing out. This year Maia came to complete our family. Thus, this Christmas will be our first Christmas as a "complete" family.

This is the time that we, as a couple, will open ourselves to
more challenges to come in the succeeding years. We're looking forward for Maia's first birthday on April and at Leon's schooling next year.

I know there will be some changes in the future in terms of identifying our favorite Christmas, but this year is our favorite so far.

Time to share yours...

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mommy Moments: Christmas Tree

mommy moments

We bought our Christmas tree 4 years ago. I can still remember the day we got it...t'was already late in the afternoon, after M's work on a Saturday, bringing along Leon who was barely 9 months old, we went to the infamous Divisoria to buy our dream 8 feet tall Christmas tree! We had a good deal on our tree as compared to buying it from department stores, almost half the price.

4 years after, it still stands tall. Leon helped me in decorating the tre
e this year (though I wasn't able to take photos of him). The tree, as time goes by, is still a work in progress. Since it's too big, decorating it entails quite an amount and we can't do it in one purchase. Besides, we're looking at changing decors from time to time. 4 years ago it was only red, last year we added a touch of yellow and gold to it. Now, there's more yellow in it. Maybe next year it'll be pure yellow and gold.

Here's a picture of us with our tree behind us, taken on...
Christmas 2008

and on Christmas 2009
(I was 5 months on the family way with Maia)

Friday, December 10, 2010

CC: What I think I'll get for Christmas

There's a lot on my wish list, and I mentioned some here but my husband already told me what he'll give me for Christmas.

Taa-daa....His gift is the removal of a pea-sized wart on my left leg. Yey! I'm excited about it, can't wait to get a schedule for the procedure. After this, I can go back to wearing short and mini skirts.

The protrusion is what's hampering me from wearing comfortable
outfits or wearing the proper attire in doing some sports activities. Like when I'm running or playing badminton, I can't wear the usual skorts because of it. And on casual days, I'm stuck with the usual jeans...

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More of the Christmas season

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate Jesus' birth. And just like in any countries, we celebrate Christmastime the longest of all holidays. Christmas season is one if not the most festive occasion here in the Philippines. It's the merriest as well because of the exchange of gifts, not just among family members but with extended families as well as friends.

As early as November, just after All Saints day, wherever you go, you'll see signs of the yuletide season. Part of the festivities is to decorate not just houses but also commercial establishments such as shopping centers and restaurants. From the simple Christmas lights, to the very traditional Parol, our version of the Christmas star, and to the more elaborate western influences such as Christmas trees, snowman and Santa Claus.
Maia & me at the castle inspired backdrop,
really made for people to pose at and have photos taken

Maia, checking out this well lighted Christmas tree

A red Christmas tree

a typical "western style" tree,
really looks like a real tree

For me personally, it's my favorite time of the year. This is the season I'm looking forward to every year. With all the reasons behind Christmas - it's Jesus' birthday, decorating, gift giving and receiving, shopping, parties, and more reasons of merriment. Even the window shopping part, I'm already having fun! It is the child in me that comes out every year. Looking at all the decorations and faces of people lighted up because of the simple idea that it is Christmas, makes me light up as well. But what is most heartwarming for me is the idea of celebrating the season, even the most simple experience, with our loved ones, our Family.

Happy faces of the Ponce family

Despite the influx of people in department stores and shopping centers, I love it there and I'm sharing it with you.