Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Story of Our Christmas Tree

My husband and I came from a middle class family here in the Philippines. In our younger years, being middle class was equivalent to being well off nowadays. But as we were growing up, we began experiencing the changes in the economy thus the comfortable life back then started to lead us to live a life that thought us to be thankful with what we have and to refrain for asking for more.

It wasn't so sad though. Although there were some issues in life that took it's mark on me. I am not complaining as well, as we were raised and taught to be contented with what we have.

How did the Christmas tree came up as a challenge to me? As far as I can remember, when we transferred to Manila from Zamboanga City, it was me and my younger sister who decorated for Christmas. My mom would buy ornaments and stuff but it was always us who would put it where it should be. We had our own Christmas tree, I can't remember how we got it but we had a shy 4 or 5 feet high tree. In the beginning, I found it to be big but as we grew, it became smaller, and as the years passed, it began to wear off. And since there were more important things to attend to and spend for, we contented ourselves with what we have.

Time came when me and my sister had our own jobs, we decided to buy a new tree for our family. Yahoo! But it didn't took long when the majority of our family decided to relocate and go back to our hometown. The transfer brought along the tree that we bought. Since majority are transferring and it would only be me and the youngest brother who will be left in Manila, it's just rational that they have the tree.

For me Christmas is important, for the many reasons of it, it is important, from the aesthetic to the true meaning...this was I believe the reason why it left a mark on me.

Since then, I promised myself, once I have a family of my own, I will invest on a tree. Good enough, the man who is now my husband has his own share of Christmas tree "need" that when we were still dating, we already pledged to buy "our" own Christmas tree. Though we weren't able to buy the tree on our first Christmas together, we bought it on our second year, a few months after our son was born.

I clearly remember going to Divisoria, late in the afternoon bringing along our 9 month old son with us just to purchase our tree. And because this was a fulfillment of our dreams, we bought an enormous 8 feet tall Christmas tree at around $82 back in 2007. To this day, whenever we bring it out to prepare it for decoration, we always have this smile on our face. A smile that shows how proud we are of one of our few "treasured properties"

Decorating the tree will always be a work in progress and calls for another story though :) Merry Christmas!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

August is about to end and the "Ber" months are gonna come in fast. Once September is in, yuletide is in the air. As Christmas is fast approaching, I am revisiting my wishlist and limiting it to four items...and here's hoping that my husband reads this post ;)

1. Sewing Machine
I like the classic one though. I've been wanting to own one
since the time my grandma's sewing machine broke. It would be fun repairing our clothes, thus less expense and hassle going to and from a modiste. Likewise, I'm set to use this for a business that would hopefully start early next year...come to think of it, if this will be for a business, the electronic one will be better, I guess.

2. Sofa set
It's actually a sofa bed. The first time my husband and I saw
it, we fell in love with it. We saw it in one of the malls in the metro, it's a product of Mandaue Foam, which incidentally was raffled off by the manufacturer just recently, I didn't win, thus still on my wishlist. The price is relatively expensive for a piece, but then again, it doubles as a bed...hubby and I are looking to have 2 pieces for our living room ;)3. A new mobile phone
hmmm...probably a Samsung Galaxy Note or an iPhone ...
this one's been a dream since I-don't-know-when, especially for the iPhone
Updating my current phone may be nice...
Just keeping this wish handy

and, finally

4. A front lawn garden
We just transferred into a rented house, generally speaking it's still a bit bare, thus, wishlist #2. Aside from the inside part of the house, I would love to have our front lawn adorned by flowers to give a more homey feeling. On our right is a firewall, wh
ich I intend to hang or put a flower stand full of orchids. On the front will be roses, different colors. On the left will be santan flowers, different colors, too, which I already have one - orange variant. The orchid will be a reminder of my parents, especially my dad who's good at caring for the flower. Roses will remind me of my dear maternal grandma and the colors of all of the flowers when in bloom will remind me of my mom who's such a jolly person.

And on the small garden patch beside the gate will be poinsettia plants hoping to have them in bloom for next year's yuletide season.

...I hope I've been good enough to deserve at least one from the list ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A dream coming true

It's been almost a year since I last posted a blog in this site. Yes, your guess may be right. I've been too busy with both family life and work. Work took it's toll on me that last month, when my boss arrived from a month long vacation, I submitted my resignation letter. Yes I resigned after a 9-year stint as the Head of the Administrative Unit of Haribon Foundation, a non-government environmental organization.

As much as I love what I do with the organization, family should always come first. Since the onset of 2012, I found myself more "called" by my role as a mother
, wife, sister and daughter.

January came in with so much hope. Me and my husband had plans for this year, for the two of us and for our dear children. Unfortunately though, by mid of January, we found out the my mother was suffering from breast cancer, the rare one - Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Since then, she was in and out of the hospital, bills shoot up and eventually in June, she joined our Creator. This experience somehow put a break on our plans. Most of our savings went to helping out with the expenses, though there's no regret to this.
We had to set aside, rather postpone our planned plans.

Simultaneous to this, my children's nanny told us that she was on the family way and has to leave by March. I accepted the fact easily, I knew it was the right thing to do, regardless if i find a replacement or not. Besides, based on my experience, or was I just lucky back then, it was easy to find a nanny. But maybe this time, luck wasn't
on my side, since the time she left, I found no nanny to take care of our children :-(.

These events plus my work gave out enough stress and tension on my personal being. For the first few months of 2012, I tried so hard juggling work, motherhood and family relationships. But then, by doing so, life became chaotic. I wasn't doing work well anymore, our children were forced to come with either me or my husband's workplace, and, I had to squeeze in taking care of my mom (although I have siblings, I can't leave it all up to them, besides, I'm the eldest, they refer to me for major decisions). It made me realize that there is no such thing as multi-tasking. There's one good thing that happened to me though...a granted birthday wish (though months ahead before my birthday in July), I got the desired weight...lost more than 10 pounds!!!

In spite of the above, I was still able to look at the good side of the things happening to me. The experiences made me a more responsible person, not just for myself but most especially for the people I cared for. The demise of our mother thought me to be less vengeful and more loving. Acting on the call of motherhood "set" my priorities, that's why leaving the organization isn't too difficult on me. I firmly believe that when one door closes, another one opens to a brighter future.

Embracing motherhood is more than just a priority, it's a dream coming true...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend with family and friends (Mommy and Me Mondays #19)

It great to realize that from just being office mates, we are able to deepen the relationship and become friends, not just us, but also our families - our children too.

Maia flashing her smile

Leon fooling around with a dried fruit
that looks like a poop :)

Sharing with you one weekend spend with family and friends. It was just for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon but we definitely had fun. What made it more enjoyable was seeing our children having the same fun with each other.

playing with children brings back our younger years

Leon trying to fly a kite
The enjoyment of all led us to deciding to do the same activity at least once a month and invite more office mates and their families to join.

Maia wanting to play more with
her new found friends

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Over crepes and smoothies (MYM #21, Blue Monday #7)

It's been a while since my last post and I'm back sharing some yellows and blues ;)

We've met with a friend, Vanessa, who was on a v
isit from the US, t'was a quick meet. We were supposed to have dinner with her but we came in late, in time though for dessert and more chit chat.

I ordered for fresh mango shake, for me that was enough. I'm trying to go on a less sweets and low carbo diet until I reach my desired weight. My husband and I are into running these days and maintaining an ideal weight is necessary for a

But then, Leon, our 4-year old carbo-loading son was with us. Aware of
his appetite, we allowed him to order what he crepe and strawberry flavored smoothie.

fresh mango crepe

just can't help smiling when the camera's on him,
even when there's food inside

Just as he was about to take in the last piece of the crepe, our friend Anthony's order was being served. Seeing the ice cream and cherry toppings, Leon totally forgot about his crepe and flashed his smile to TIto Ants. The smile that translate into "can I have some please."
Leon, though a good eater, isn't much on sweets, he took only a few servings of the ice cream and a few pieces of cherries.

While we were still chatting with friends, we allowed Leon to play aroun
d the decorative light balls near our table, to let go of the energy he just took in.

At the grounds of UP-Ayala Technohub,
playing around with the lighted balls and
the uneven benches


Smiling Sally