Thursday, September 30, 2010

what we want from each other?

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This week's Couple's Corner topic is on what we want for each other.

There's so many things to say but almost all especially those not material in nature boils down to one thing both of us wants from each other - TIME - time for each other.

Time for each other is essential in a growing relationship or in any relationship for that matter. This we had plenty when we were still on the dating stage and when we were a newly wedded couple. But
then, when our eldest son came, time for each other became lesser. Especially from my part since I had to nurture a newborn child. Time became more scarce for each other when another baby arrived to the family.

As much as we miss each other so much despite being together every single day, we have to understand that our children needs our care and attention. Part of giving them care and attention is for us to wor
k to be able to provide for the family. I think we are in the situation that our children comes first before ourselves and us being a couple. Our son is a 3-year old toddler who demands so much attention because he's in the "discovery" stage, he's too inquisitive of all that's happening in his environment. While our daughter, barely 5 months old, needs all the nurturing for her to grow up as healthy as her kuya.

There are times that the demand for time from each other becomes the source of misunderstan
ding. Despite how hard we try to understand the situation, but when emotion gets in the way, understanding the facts that lies in front of us becomes too difficult. Though at the end of the day, we still make amends and discuss between the two of us what to do to avoid such misunderstanding. A simple cuddling to express ourselves becomes too valuable to each other.
On the material side, my husband is not so much a material person, I am more of that kind, but because of our children and our desire to provide for them, there are times that I let go of what I want in favor of the needs and wants of our children. In cases like this, either of us is sensitive of the things we temporarily set aside to give way to more important expenditures, thus when good times arrive, both of us try to acquire for ourselves or as a gift to each other the things we've previously put on hold. There are some items though that is on M's wish list that I know...a digital SLR, a qwerty phone, a Nike rubber shoes to name a few...I hope I will be able to give at least one from his list or at least help him in raising enough funds for acquire whatever is in his priority list. As for me, so far, what I want from him which I already told him about iPod (I'm borrowing his once in a while) and since Christmas is in the air...just reminding here ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vigan Ilocos Sur (Ruby Tuesday#8, Nostalgia #1)

Last weekend, I was suppose to organize the files in our pc when I got across my husband's photo files and saw this pictures, our trip to the Ilocos Region, north of the Philippines. My hubby's maternal family hails from even up north, Claveria, Cagayan.

Here we are with friends we invited to join us in one of our visits to my soon-to-be MIL. Heading back to Manila on a road trip, we passed by some places, one of which is Vigan in Ilocos Sur.

Vigan is known for it's nostalgia, became once a World Heritage Site. This part of the town remains to be as it was decades ago, walking through the streets felt like we were the casts of Back to the Future. Structures in this side of the town is made of adobe, a kind of stone used in building houses and of hard woods. These structures now are venues of museums, antic shops and pasalubong stores.

Along the streets of Vigan with friends,
my husband was the one who took this photo

Walking towards the more residential area, we came across the house of one of the former head of the town which is now maintained as a museum.
Here we rode an old karetela, an old form of vehicle,
pulled by a horse, used during the early years.

Still walking through the small town, we came across a compound, formerly a residential house but is now utilized as a Bornay Pottery place. Fidel A. Go's Bornay Pottery was awarded in 1990 winner of the National Folk Artist Award. Some of my friends tried their hands on pottery, while I just watched them having fun.
Before leaving Vigan, we, as local tourists do, stopped over to treat ourselves with the well-known giant empanadas of Vigan. Yummy especially when freshly cooked.

empanada treat paired with a bottle of ice cold soda

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My Wedding Day (Mellow Yellow Monday#10)

Sharing with you here at Mellow Yellow Monday our wedding motif which is matte gold. I got married a little over 30 years old, though Pink is my favorite color, I found it too pastel for a wedding of my age.

Here I am with my family before going off to the church on March 8, 2006.

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Mother's Day 2010 (Mommy and Me Monday #7 )

This year's Mother's Day is a bit special to me since it came a month after giving birth to Maia. Leon and Maia are fulfillment of our plans, both of us wanted to have only two children regardless of whether both will be boys or girls. Leon and Maia are more than what we've asked for...great blessings from the One up there.

Instead of the usual eat-out which is common here in the Philippines, my husband and I decided to have a picnic, but since it was an impromptu plan, going to parks during this occasion might not be a good idea. M, while driving, thought of going to a place with a pool so that Leon and the nannies can dip in and get refreshed from the summer's heat.

Upon realizing the idea of swimming, Leon got even more excited. When we reached the place, Leon couldn't control himself, he's really a water person! It was fun watching him swimming, (although he doesn't really know how to) while I was cuddling Maia in my arms.

After lunch we decided to stroll in one of the malls in Quezon City before heading for the 4:00 pm mass.A heartwarming experience ---- quality time with my family --- it doesn't have to be an expensive one. I didn't thought I would be this happy and contented in my it!

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Pagudpud (Go Green Friday 09-24-10)

My husband's folks hails from Cagayan up north. I've never thought I'll be able to reach that far until I met my husband. I've been to Claveria, Cagayan three times already, that was when we were still as a dating couple. Now that we're married, we haven't gone back. We were suppose to go back early this year so that Leon can experience going to beach as it is walking distance from the house. But then, August last year, we found out that I was pregnant, thus, the trip was postponed until maybe later next year, when Maia is fit to travel a 13 hour drive and me being able to act as an alternate driver to my husband who plans to bring the car.

Last Friday, I was reminded by some fond memories of going up north. My third trip to Claveria,Cagayan was with our office friends. We stayed with my soon-to-be MIL for a few days, traveled to Penablanca, Cagayan to visit Callao Cave. Goi
ng back to Manila, we made side trips to some interesting sites in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. One of which is at Pagudpud, stayed there the whole day to experience the beach's fine white sand.

Here with friends at the Pagudpud landmark and the other one with my better-half M. The landscaped marker really catches one's attention when passing along the highway.

While browsing through these photos, I again got myself excited with our plan of going back to Cagayan with our two little angels. Definitely, both of them will enjoy the beach and a more greener environment even for only a few days.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snack Time at Mommy Moments

My husband and tries very hard to eat healthy even during snack time. Usually we bring home made sandwiches to our work for our morning snacks and go to the nearest banana-que stand for afternoon snacks.

This we try to instill the same practice to our children especially Leon who is already a toddler. So far, I'm very proud that our Leon is following suit. Lik
e normal children does, he too asks for some junk foods available in the local sari-sari store or the supermarket. But once purchased, he isn't the child who'd crumble for it, sometimes he leaves the pack on the table unopened. Once opened, he just get a few pieces and leaves the rest to for us to finish.

Leon normally eats cereals for his morning snacks followed by a bottle of milk. For his afternoon snacks, he normally ask for rice and viand or waits for the man selling corn to pass by....talking of carbo loading. Yes, Leon as young as he is, eats healthy even during snack time. Leon isn't much into ice cream, he likes the cones more than the ice cream itself. He's into cakes and chocolate drink, too. I really really hope and pray that his food habits remain as he grows up.eating up his ice cream cone ate the ice cream first

he says latey..for chocolaty
Leon loves Selecta Moo he calls it cow

eating up his 2nd slice of cake during
his yaya's birthday

Little Maia on the other hand gobbles more than enough milk for her in-between meals nourishment. She's started eating baby cereals already and asks for more if she's given her favorite Wheat Banana flavored cereal. Her second favorite is the Mixed Vegetable variant. We've been introducing fresh fruits to her as well. So far she's liking what we're preparing for her. I hope, too, that she'll be like his Kuya Leon in terms of eating habits.

Maia's first solid food...cereals

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hardest Days of our Married Life (Couple's Corner)

M & I have been together as a dating couple in 2003 and has been married to each other for 4 years now, with 2 kids.

Even while we were still dating, we already have plans for our future. Little did we know that time that fulfilling our plans would also mean so
me difficult times, hardest of which involves our loved ones.

In the 4 years that we've been together, we've been through rough moments, and most experiences took its toll on our finances. The most difficult time, as
I may have experienced (and maybe holds true, too with M) happened just recently.

As much as we don't want money to be the cause of our discussion, it really finds its way to be one. We are living in our parent's house together with my siblings. Common household expenses such as electric and water bills are the source of misunderstanding. No matter how hard we try to make the division of responsibilities fair between us siblings, others react because of some selfish reasons. This selfish reasons of others are the cause discussion between me and my husband. He sometimes can stand the fact that I'm still the one being depended upon by my maiden family for the household n
eeds when in fact all of us are working and are very much capable of sharing.

As much as I would want to still be there for them, I have my own family and they are and should be my priority. I hope they can understand it. As for me and my husband, we've always made sure that misunderstanding between the two of us should always be set
tled immediately. Our son is smart and is already observing the things happening in the household, when I'm not okay, he already asks me why and that he relates it as "daddy's mad at mommy". I'm bothered about this and it's difficult to explain to his little mind the things happening around him. What comforts me for the moment is the tight hug I receive from my son in times like this.

We actually have a solution to this current problem of ours, but it will really take too much effort and a little more time to realize it...moving to our own abode.

During situations like this and even when money is not the reason, we always try very hard to find solutions to it and ask our Lord for guidance and strength. We know there will be more bumps in the road we're traveling as a couple and as a family, but as long as we find strength in each other and with the deeper meaning of love binding us, we know we're always gonna make it. ;)

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lightning McQueen (Ruby Tuesday#8 )

Our son Leon, just like any little boy, loves cars and loves Cars (the movie). So when we chanced upon this Lightning McQueen display in a mall, he instantly ran to it a posed his trademark smile. Tada! this photo

I hope we get the chance to see Lightning McQueen - the real thing in person...I just can imagine how he'd react to it.

Leon's 1st carousel ride (Mommy & Me Monday#9)

Was looking over some photos to share for this week's Mommy & Me Monday and got across this photo. This was taken when Leon was a little over a year old and when I thought he was ready for a ride.

He was excited at first but then when the horse started going up an down, Leon felt uneasy and was clinging around my neck all throughout the ride.

He hasn't rode one since then...will try riding again soon, maybe this time he'll have fun.

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Birds of Paradise (Mellow Yellow Monday#9 )

While strolling at a park in Makati City some two weeks ago (or more, lol), and while trying to put Maia to sleep while we were waiting for her dad who was having a meeting nearby, I was able to capture this quite common flower in the metro, the Birds of Paradise. I was attracted by the radiant glow of yellow of this flower which is quite uncommon due to heavy pollution.

I hope people passing by was able to appreciate the beauty of the flower and was able to realize nature's perfection in a quite imperfect setting ;)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Leon & Maia with Lolo and Lolas: Mommy Moments

September is Grandparents month and a simple way to make the grannies happy are times with their grandchildren...they get younger when with their silly apos.

Here are photos of Leon and Maia with my mom...we live with her so Leon is more close to her than to my MIL.
taken on New Year's day of this year
before going to church

Maia with Lola in when we attended the
birthday party of Aretha, a family friend
(Taken in June 2010)

Here's are photos of Leon and Maia with my husband's parents. Sunday is our get-together on the Ponce's side, we usually do it at my SIL's residence.Leon with Lola Moms (my MIL)
during her visit to our home
when Leon was just 4 months old

with my in-laws during Maia's baptism
on May of this year.
Seated are Louis, Justin (nephews),
sis-in-law Yeye, Lolo Alan, Christian (another nephew),
Lola Moms & Lucia (niece)

My dad passed away in 2008, Leon was barely a year old, really didn't have the time together. We have a framed photo of him and we make it a point to have a picture taken with my dad's photo on it.
my dad's photo behind us...
we're kinda complete with him in the background.
(Taken also on New Year's day 2010)

Happy Grandparents month to all the grannies.
Thank you for bringing us up to become good parents to our children!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Excited for the coming Christmas season (Mommy & me Monday #4)

Just when September came, I can't help but be excited of the coming Christmas season!

For one, this is the first Christmas with our dear Maia around. Fourth Christmas of Leon which means an additional Santa figure to add up to our yearly collection. Fifth for me & my husband as a married couple and 8th since we started dating ;)

Christmas a time for sharing and giving which means...a valid time and reason to go shopping! Hahaha, I guess my husband will just give a sigh on this.

here's me and Leon in one of the malls in Manila
during Christmas-time in 2008

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Getting Ready for the Million Hectare Challenge (Mellow Yellow Monday#8, Ruby Tuesday #7)

November 21 is still two months away and to be really fit for the event we are joining, the Million Hectare Challenge, I encouraged my husband that every Sunday afternoon we go walk, jog or run, to which he immediately agreed upon. Thus starting last Sunday afternoon, we headed to the University of the Philippines and jog our way around the acad-oval.

I did a 2.2k jog which I would say a good start for me, while my husband run 2 rounds of the acad-oval. Since we're joining as a team, a family team, Leon our 3-year old son, jogged along with us. The first 500 meters, which he managed to run, was more than enough for our little boy. He called in enough and decided to just play around with his nanny while we do our jog. While little Maia, after a little walk with her nanny, slept her way until it was time to go.

After an hour or so, we called it a day and headed home.

Looking forward to next Sunday's run which I hope will be an improvement for me ;)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trust, Faith & Loyalty (Couple's Corner)

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Trust, Faith & Loyalty - these we have for each other the moment both of us decided to get married and was solemnized during our wedding.

Do we trust each other? I do, and I believe he trust me as well. The moment we started dating, I've given my full trust on him, that he'll keep me safe, he'll be good to me and that he won't hurt me - emotionally, intellectually and physically. I trust him that he'll be able to fulfill his promises not just to me but to our kids as well, the family as a whole. I trust him that he'll be a good provider. The same way that he trust me to be able give care to the family, to manage the finances especially the money he hands me every payday.

Faith and Loyalty goes hand in hand. Most often than not, it is the male spouse who abuse this values but this also hold true with the female spouse. If we demand this from them, we too must be able to offer the same to them.

There are times though that I feel that these three values are being tested on our relationship. Not that my husband is a chickboy, my fear lies on the female species. My husband though handsome isn't really that drop-dead gorgeous guy. He is though a very kind person in and out. It is the kindness and goodness in him that gets some other ladies attention. Yes, this has happened to us, and in a situation like this, I immediately talk to my husband regarding the matter. He, being a dense person (as he admits it) doesn't really pay attention to these kinds of situation, as he often says. And to pacify me, he'll often remind me of the life that he had when his father left them. He keeps on telling me that he doesn't want our children to experience the life that he had.

There are situations also that doesn't involve people, instead its about circumstances that arises from previous actions or situations. Just like dealing with incidents involving a person or people, we immediately try to resolve issues to avoid the worsening of the situation.

Besides, I'm the person who doesn't check his wallet or question his expenses. Although I do want to know where his whereabouts not for some selfish reasons but for more practical reasons - I want to know his whereabouts for emergency purposes, we can't really say when accidents happen. I give him his freedom to prove that there's no reason for me to be jealous.

Often times we remind each other of the promises and vows me made to and for each other with our family, friends and the Almighty as our witnesses.

With all that in mind, I give my full confidence to the person I accepted to be with for the rest of my life.

Wacky me and Wacky Leon

I'm just so proud as a mom whenever people admire my son Leon for his positive disposition despite his young age. When I was still carrying him in me, I was generally a jolly person, was very successful in warding off negative forces that comes my way.

Thus when Leon came to this world and even up to now, he acquired the jolliness I had. Now that he's 3 years old, he's more playful and in whatever he does, he's always having fun.

I hope our little Maia will be as wacky as we are.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Million Hectare Challenge 2010

Let's hit the road to race and raise funds for our forest. Join Haribon Foundation's annual event on its 4th year now - the Million Hectare Challenge 2010. This is on November 21, 2010 at the McKinley Hills in Taguig.The Million Hectare Challenge is in support of Haribon's ROAD to 2020 campaign. Rainforest Organization and Advocates to 2020 or ROAD to 2020 aims to restore 1 million hectares of the Philippines natural forest. It promotes the planting of native tree species to restore and conserve biodiversity, optimize supply of forest benefits and ecosystem service. It likewise reduce the risk of natural disasters such as landslide, floods, water crisis and climate change.

This event is open to all, we can participate in so many ways, we can join as participants to the walk, fun run and race run (3K, 5K & 10K challenge), volunteer to help the organizing team, sponsor a team or pledge for a participant/team. Team can be composed of a family, schoolmates, officemates, batchmates or barkadas.

Help us raise at least a million pesos. The funds generated from this event will be used in supporting tree planting activities, promotion of environment-friendly and sustainable livelihood options for local communities, establishment and maintenance of indigenous tree nurseries, awareness raising and capacity building - to name a few.

Registration Fee is at Php 400 for non-members and Php 350 for members and children below 12 years old. Pledges are optional but will be of great help in reaching our goal. Registration is now open, check out or visit or call us at Haribon Foundation, 2nd Floor Santos & Sons Bldg., 973 Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City. with telephone nos. 434-4642; 911-6089; 911-6088; 421-1213 and 421-1209 for more details.

My husband M and I accepted the challenge, together with our son Leon and daughter Maia, we're walking as a team - a family team to help restore our forest. Join now!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tapsilog by Rodics (Yummy Sunday #1)

Every Sunday, my family together with the nannies normally attend mass at midday, then we proceed to my in-laws for lunch, at 3 in the afternoon, we go off either strolling in malls or in parks. Most often than not we dine out before going home to avoid the hassle of preparing dinner. Last Sunday after all the activities and instead of dining in the restaurants or fast food which is quite tiring in the palate already, we decided to buy from RODIC's a local diner, a carinderia in Filipino tongue.

Rodic's prepares authentic Pinoy dishes such as tapsilog, tocilog, longsilog to name a few and some Pinoy viands as well. This time, my husband decided to buy the tapsilog, which I can really vouch to be yummy. Tapsilog by the way is coined from 3 Filipino words - Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog. English translation for tapsilog is fried rice topped with beef jerky and fried egg.
Never heard of Rodic's? It's located at the shopping center of the University of the Philippines in Diliman with branches at the nearby U.P. Village and at Fairview, both in Quezon City.

Supporting small businesses here...glad that they're branching out :)