Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weird weather condition

In a few hours, the month of June is about to end. It is in this period that the rainy season begins. After what happened last year, the harshness of Ondoy I mean, this year is something to look forward to, preparing for the worst to come yet praying that the experience will not happen again in this lifetime.

Despite the news of a low pressure area bringing in rains to hit the metro, we are currently experiencing a sunny afternoon and with such humidity! Thanks though, that the Inauguration of P-Noy did not experience rain showers :)

This experience brings in more thoughts of what to expect with our weather - signs of climate change I believe...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to Work!

I've gone back to work last Friday. An unusual day to start work since its normally the last day of the (work) week. Though I have leave credits, I opt not to avail of it this time to save it for more important reasons in the future.

As expected there's plenty of work waiting for me to be done. What I did though was to clean and clear my table so I can start anew today.

As much as there's so much to do, I've been going home during lunchtime to breastfeed Maia and to eat lunch with Leon. Same thing also applies in the afternoon, I'll try my best to go home after an 8 hour work primarily to be able to feed Maia and prepare dinner for the family. Though we do have somebody to help me out in the household.

Being a working mom, it taught me to manage my time. Making sure that bits and pieces are taken cared of despite the hectic schedule.

And there's trying to squeeze in doing my cross-stitch project as well as blogging and visiting my social networking sites.

The work that I do entails me only 8 hours, but motherhood and housekeeping is a 24/7 job. I do rest though, by 12 midnight I try to get my needed rest for the next day's activities.

This is not complaining by the way, in fact I'm enjoying what's going on now :)... love it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Need a Blog Makeover

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway

I am joining WAHMaholic’s Monthly Makeover Giveaway! Here’s what’s at stake:

Up to $100 worth of WordPress or Blogger Makeover including:

  • custom header and footer
  • custom background
  • custom favicon
  • custom navigation bar
  • custom post footer (for Blogger)
  • fancy post title font
  • 125×125 button/badge
  • personalized signature
  • fancy comment section
  • layout style of winner’s choice
  • and anything else that will make the makeover fab

For more details on how to gain raffle points for the giveaway, head on to WAHMaholic’s blog for details. Below is my entry for the month of June.

I started blogging in 2008 upon my husband's constant coaching. I saw the potential but was first hesitant. I wasn't too confident in my way of writing...blogging in the techie world. There were so many what ifs. Another major concern for me is that I'm not a computer savvy. I know how to use it but I really am not the one who wants to explore more about it.

Slowly, I got the hang of it, blogging, I mean. I find myself checking out blogs of the people I follow, most specially that of my husband. It is through reading their blogs that gives me ideas on what to write.

Lately, since I'm on maternity leave (which ends today), I had the chance to blog more and visit more sites. I'm quite fascinated with their sites that I am now finding myself wanting to develop my site. In this line, I would really appreciate suggestions and tips on how to make my site a better one.

Then again, I got the chance to check on one of the blogging sites to which a badge is posted that I likewise checked. To my mind, this is the answer to a wish, therefore I'm joining this for a chance of a blog makeover!

I'm also interested on how to earn through blogging. Is there someone out there who can help me out with this concern?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girls Talk #4: What's in my bag

This is my entry to Nikoganda's June meme: What's inside you bag.

The bag I'm currently using was given to me by one of my closest cousin, Mila as a token from her vacation trip to Vietnam, barely a month ago. Obviously, the bag's design are two Vietnamese ladies and the word Viet Nam.

What's inside it:

1) my wallet

2) 2 cellphones: one globe and the other suncellular
3) my hello kitty vanity case
4) a fan
5) BnB body splash in Tropical Passionfruit
6) pens
7) my events notebook
8) Belle de Jour Planner
9) rosary and St. Benedict medallion and prayer leaflet
10) hello kitty card holder
11) Metrobank savings account passbook in the name of my son
12) eyeglasses
13) shades by Fly
14) Kerokerokeropi gadget case
15) my 10 year old Dr. Comb comb

So that's it, and since I'm going back to work tomorrow from my maternity leave, I'm off with this, so excited to show this off to my office girl friends :)

Time for you to share what's inside you bag, too...have fun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

During my maternity leave

I'm a working mom. One of the privileges of being employed is going on a maternity leave which I'm availing of since I gave birth to our daughter last April 8. But it'll soon end, as I am going back to work this coming Friday, June 25.

Looking back, what have a done during the almost 3 months leave?

Aside from recovering from a repeated C-Section (I had the same with our eldest son), which was fast and of course taking good care of our newborn - she's gaining weight fast, making her more cuddly, I was able to attend to most household chores hands-on! I missed tending the house, making sure that it's clean and sanitized not just for the newborn but for all of us. It's quite a challenge though because our house is an old one and you can just imagine the wear and tear.

It gave me time to plan on what to do with the house. The house is of my mom's and since we're leaving in it for free, though we do give our share for the utilities and basic commodities. We're thankful to my mom for allowing us to stay in her house, renting nowadays is quite expensive. Though it is still an option but we often come to realize the practical side of it - paying a monthly rent and yet the house will not be ours no matter what. What we're doing is to do our share of improvements in the house - there goes the money that's supposedly a rent equivalent. We've done the ceiling and replacement of electrical connections, what's next? There's a lot in tow - a repaint, renovation of toilet and bath, renovation of dining area, those are just a few.

Checking on the expenses versus the savings is another task I was able to do while on maternity leave. Given some considerations, we are still a young couple and are both striving for our future. Having already 2 kids as planned, we off to the next step. The next step which are saving and paying for their education, buying our own house and making it our home. Again, these are just the 2 major plans, there are still more in the list. Both of us are off to doing well in our respective fields to be able to provide well for our family and share some to our parents.

I had enough time to attend to my personal needs as well. I had the "me time" which I missed so much. I was able to pamper myself, had a regular nails and a hair care, I'm off to a facial care soon :) Finished 2 cross stitch designs and currently doing another one now. The first two are gifts to two couple friends who tied the knot. Cross-stitching might be a career for me once I've decided to stop going to work.

Attending to pertinent documents and organizing family pictures were also done. We were able to have our daughter baptized already. These are some matters I planned to accomplish before I go back to work.

Most important though is the time I'm spending with our children, both equally important. For Maia's growing needs, she's still too dependent on me for her sustenance. And for Leon who is missing my attention since I got pregnant (had a difficult one) and was busy with work as well. Now is my time to catch up with him. I'm thankful though that even at his young age understands the situation.

Motherhood is definitely a 24/7 job, a career that I love so much and is very much into it. No need for a dictionary to explain it well, just talk to a mom.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day celebration

How did we celebrate Father's day?

Since it's Sunday, as we normally do and together with my mom, we went to my in-laws to have our lunch there and since it's Father's day, I offered to buy some ice cream for all of us to celebrate the occasion and for my husband, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law.

We stayed for an hour or so. As usual, our son played with his cousins. But today, he played more with his Lolo Alan, which caught our attention. He was so fond of his Lolo than usual, sitting on his lap, pulling a chair to sit in front of him, playing with his toy cars with his Lolo.

The sight made me think of my father. Had he be still alive today, they might be super buddies with my son, I good reason is my son is the only grandson in my family's side.

We then went to drop off my parents-in-law in one of the malls in Quezon City for their date. We then proceed to hear the 4pm mass at the St. Paul the Apostle Parish, also in Quezon City. I was personally glad to have heard mass there today. The priest not only greeted the fathers who were there but also requested them to go to the altar to receive his blessings. So today, my husband is again blessed.

From there we went to buy our gift for my husband...a pair of sneakers of his choice (that's how we are, we buy presents not to surprise each other but rather we buy presents that we want to remember that it was given to us by each other). As other men, my husband loves shoes but what makes him uniquely different from other men is that despite loving shoes, he only has a few pairs. Why? because, since he likes the shoes so much that he wears it till it tears. This new pair will replace his current fave pair - which lasted for a year!

And instead of dining out, my husband opted to go home early than usual to give him ample time to cook his favorite dish, tuna spaghetti!

Today wasn't really the perfect day for the father in our family...he even woke up early to have the transformer of the ref replaced and was "on call" in case my brother decides to be brought to the hospital due to his excruciating gallbladder-related pain.

So how did we spend Father's day? We spent it with my husband's loved ones - not so much of the extravagance but more of the quality time together and with the day's glitches, it makes it one Father's day to remember.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls Talk#2: What's inside my vanity case

You've guessed it right! I'm still hype about Nikoganda's Girl Talk meme for June. This one should have been submitted 2nd week of June but since I've only followed her last June 18, this blog won't be qualified as an entry.
What's inside my Vanity Case...
1) 2 hand gels by BnB (Cucumber Melon & Wild Honeysuckle scents)

2) pocket mirror
3) Cameo lipstick (A6 Nougat)
4) 2True lipstick #3
5) The Body Shop Hot Brights Lips & Cheeks
6) oil blot facial papers

7) Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturizing Care
8) COBigelow Menta Lip Tint (my fave!!!)
9) Avon Color Swirl Lipgloss (Transparent/Exotic)
10) Clinique glosswear SPF8 (04 Raspberry Jam)
11) Clinique eyeshadow duo (Ash Violets)
12) Salonpas
13) CoverGirl Eye Enhancers (Taupe)

14) Herbal Vapor rub
15) hair clamps

I don't make use of most of the content but they come handy when situation calls for some re-touch. The eye make-ups are my most reliable make-over make-ups plus matching them with the lipstick or gloss, I'm done!

Girls Talk#1: Inside my shower loot

I've come across Nicoganda's blog site via Dee. I had fun posting a blog on 'What's inside my wallet', though I know I won't have the chance to grab the $20 she's giving out.

So much into it, I'm now blogging about what's inside my shower loot, ahaha, just for fun...

Here it goes...
1) Olay bath soap
2) Ponds White Beauty facial foam (Pink White Glow)

3) Avon Simply Delicate fem was (Calming)
4) Clear shampoo (Ice Cool)
5) Clear conditioner (Ice Cool)

6) Victoria's Secret Body Wash (Amber Romance)
7) Infusium 23 leave-in hair treatment
8) Ponds lightening cream
9) Bath & Body works lotion (Coconut Lime Verbene)
10) Block & White deodorant (Milk), and

11) comb

That's it, really really fun doing this.

What's in my Wallet

I've been too busy with work that I haven't been into blogging for quite a time. Until going into maternity leave that I was able to make use of our pc at home. But not so often as I compete with my 3 year old toddler in the use of the computer and of course, the reason for my maternity leave --- time and attention to our new baby girl.

It's only these past few days that I am able to visit the blogs that I follows. Today, I get to
visit Dee's site and got interested in her A Look in my Wallet blog, which obviously I'm gonna send my entry though I know I don't have the chance to grab the $20 little love from Niko.

So here's mine:I bought this from a friend's garage sale last December 2009. I am into big wallets, I want my bills to be spread out so it'll be easy for me to count how much money I have at a particular time. So what's in it? A few bills, some coins, 1 1 pound coin from my aunt who now resides in the UK (it's my good luck coin), some receipts, bank cards, identification cards, membership cards, a health card, a picture of my son, a pocket calendar, my husband's red cross donor card, a cross in my pocket prayer leaflet, shopping coupons and some raffle stubs that I haven't drop yet. So that's it.

Check out Girls Talk for other blogger's wallets.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Jon Angelo

A friend of mine shared a video of a child with Hypoxic Ischemic Encelophathy. At first I didn't check it out, my internet connection is always intermittent. Viewing a video will entail so much time and with the possibility of not being able to view it at all. In which case is true because until this moment I haven't really watched it. Instead I followed him in his Facebook account and also in blogspot. On both sites you'll see pictures of him, his condition and the people supporting his fight.

The child is baby Jon Angelo Viado. He is barely 1 year & 7 months old yet with his age, he has been confined in the hospital for more than 10 times already. Even if I haven't viewed the video, I knew the baby needs help and, yet looking at his picture I also thought that this baby is quite a fighter, going through his condition is tough.

Looking at his pictures makes my heart sink, being a mother and having a son almost his age, a little older though. I just can't imagine the difficulty his parents go through with him. But again, a parent will always do everything for his child no matter how difficult it will be.

His condition also made me realize to be more thankful to the Lord for giving us 2 healthy babies. It will always remind me to stop bickering about the difficulties I go through handling 2 kids. Mine is way too easy as compared to Jon Angelo's parents, his mom most specially.

Baby Jon's condition also is a constant reminder for us to treasure the gift of life. Love our life. Some people, kids and babies for that matter goes through some ordeals in life yet they fight to survive, some of us wastes our lives.

In instances like this, I wish I have more in life so I can share some to people really in dire need. But with what I only have, I've ordered 2 bracelets, share his link to my network of friends and blog about him so that more people can help him and his family. Although his case has been featured in local television via the prime time news.

Let us support the "Breathe Hope Campaign" by buying their breathe hope bracelets. This will help his family raise funds to buy him his own life support machine.

My prayers are always with you, baby Jon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Garden of the Divine Word

This coming July 9 is my father's 3rd death anniversary and we are now contemplating of transferring his ashes to his permanent resting place - a memorial vault.

I guess my mom has moved on and is now ready of letting go. Letting go in the sense that she now has accepted the fact that our dear father has long gone and is now in peace with his Creator. Some enlightenment were also bestowed upon us by an uncle, telling us to move on. Keeping his ashes at home with us makes us cling to the past, making it difficult for us to move forward.

It has been one of my plans to put my father in his final resting place but I really did not put any efforts on it.

Coincidence maybe, but a few Sundays ago, after hearing mass at the Christ the King Parish, a lady handed my mom a flyer of The Garden of the Divine Word. She did not put any attention to it until we arrived home. Immediately the next day, she requested me to inquire about it, which I did but wasn't too successful in doing so. Until today, since it was a holiday, me, my husband and two kids went to look at the place.

Upon entering the place, I felt the serenity of the garden. At that moment, I already knew, my father will like it there. The garden has a spacious parking area, a dedicated chapel where family members can offer mass for their beloved departed, well-planned, beautifully landscaped garden setting, first class restrooms with special provision for the handicapped, wide handicapped and child-friendly walkways, with several quiet prayer spots. Vaults can accommodate up to 4 standard-sized urns.
Plus, the rate is very reasonable. Even my husband likes the place, plans to get a vault for us just in case the time comes.

We visited a few columbaries as well, some were too expensive and others demanded cash payment.

The flyer was true to it's words, "a Columbary like no other, a modern paradise". The Garden of the Divine Word is within the Christ the King Mission Seminary Compound along E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., in Quezon City

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Father's Day

Father's day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June and for this year, it will be on the 20th. What can we give our husbands, being the father of our children, same also to our fathers and some of our brothers...sometimes even to some mothers who stand as fathers as well and some people who acts as fathers to others?

Here are a few suggestions that might help us decide to give as gifts to the Fathers in our lives:

1. A personalized Father's day greeting card - allow or guide our children in making one for their dad. The cards will be more special as it was personally crafted by their children or wife.

2. Cook him his favorite food - a special meal prepared with love and honor for one, if not the most special person in our life. To make it more special, add a twist to his favorite dish.

Since it's a Sunday, for most of us, we go to church, offer some prayers of thanksgiving for him then treat him to his favorite restaurant, less hassle for the wife and more time to spend with the family on his special day.

4. If he is a pet-lover, give him a puppy or cat, cuddly beings that are able to show their affection to their owners.

5. Plants, flowering of fruit-bearing - this reminds me of my Papang, who will appreciate this so much if he's still with us.

6. Men are gadget-people, if you can afford, gift them with the most latest in cellular phones or laptops, iPods and/or iPads, digital camera, you just have to know what he's up to in terms of gadget.

7. Give his car a good clean. Have it car-washed or if you may do it yourself, go ahead, he'll surely appreciate it.

These are just a few suggestions to make the "dad
s" in our lives special. But the best thing our fathers can receive from us is our unconditional love and respect for them. No matter who or what they are, they are an integral part of who and what we are now.

To my grandfather and my Papang, who are both angels in my life, hovering above us, guiding and taking care of us Happy Father's Day, we miss you!

and to my husband, who is such a wonderful father to our 2 children, a good provider, a disciplinarian, a spoiler, a friend, someone who will love and take good care of us no matter what, a dedicated husband and father, Happy Father's Day!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gallbladder Polyps

I've never heard of gallbladder polyps until recently, my brother was diagnosed to having it. I've heard of gall stones so many times but not gallbladder polyps. He is going through various laboratory procedures before undergoing operation.

Gallbladder polyps, as explained by his doctor is an uncommon findings for his age range, normally it occurs mostly in men aged between 60-70 years old. Even for this age group, gallbladder polyps is relatively an uncommon sickness or problem if I may call it.

There are different types of polyps that may occur in the gallbladder but the most common is the Polypoid Cholesterolosis. This is often multiple small filling defects and does not become malignant or cancerous. The polyp that forms in the bladder is made from excess amounts of cholesterol and are associated with gall stones. Before, I only knew that excess cholesterol affects the heart, one of the body's major organs. But learning about the disease now, excessive cholesterol also hurts the gallbladder.

As advised by his doctor, he will have to undergo operation to remove his gallbladder. For normal people, the tendency is for us to freak out since it'll be a major operation. Yes, though it's going to be a major operation, this should not make us worry. As what I've learned in college and in some articles I've read, gallbladder is one of the human body's accessory organs.

Accessory organs are organs which we can do without, meaning we can still live a normal life without any of them, unlike of course the major organs of the body. Though, of course, accessory organs do have their roles in the body, God wouldn't put it in there for no reason at all. Gallbladder serves as storage for bile being secreted by the liver. Bile is used in the small intestine to help in the breakdown of fats in the meals we consume. Another function of the bile is it helps remove toxins from the liver.

With the absence of the gallbladder and even with the presence of it, learning about this disease, we should be more disciplined in our eating habits, not just what we eat but when and how often we eat and how we eat the food that we eat, geared towards a more healthy lifestyle.

After the operation, though, the polyps are still going to be examined. We're just hoping that the type of gallbladder polyps that occurred to my brother is not the cancerous one.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Elianto Eyeshadow Palette up for grabs

I haven't been into make-ups recently. Been too busy with work and family, I really haven't had the time to pamper myself. Until I read this contest at Kikay Corner that I again thought of myself. Together with Elianto, they're giving up P1,500.00 worth of Elianto Eyeshadow Palette x 7. The palette is composed of a pressed powder and 6 eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush.I'm not too much into heavy make-ups, eyeshadow and lipstick does well on my face. Eyeshadow accents my droopy-sleepy eyes, making it alive and active. Plus with a packaging that is conveniently accompanied with the pressed powder making it more handy for the lifestyle that I have, a mother of two and an environmental NGO employee. I've attended to my fuzzy hair a few weeks ago, now it's time for me to work on my face, quite timing I guess with Elianto's generous gift, I know this blogging contest is for me to win.

The contest officially started May 12, 2010 and will last until June 15, 2010. Winner will be chosen by Elianto Philippines and will be announced on June 18, 2010.

Crossing my fingers and hoping to win :)