Monday, April 25, 2011

Casa San Pablo (Mommy & Me Mondays #16, MYM #17)

I am honored to be the day coordinator on our couple friends wedding on May 1 at Casa San Pablo in San Pablo, Laguna. I am doing wedding coordination on the sides. I love weddings and I would always want the anybody's wedding especially those close to me will be as perfect as they planned it to be.

So to begin my task, I asked my hubby M if it was okay for us to visit Casa San Pablo for me to familiarize myself with the venue as well as for us to calculate the travel time. M, as usual is very much supportive in my endeavors. We brought along the kids as well for us to spend good time with them even while we do some work.
While I was checking out the place and talking with the caretaker, M and the kids were having fun running around the wide compound, played at the mini playground equipped with seesaw and swing.Casa San Pablo is a family-run bed and breakfast business. It is part of the compound owned by the mother of Mr. Boots Alcantara. They are expanding their business and is offering the place as a venue for garden weddings. Casa San Pablo's ambiance gives you the homey feel. The chic and shabby pieces of furniture adds up to the cozy atmosphere it provides to its guests. Casa San Pablo is one place to be in just to spend a lazy day in a garden or to get away from the busy city life.After the ocular we made, I sent my bride-friend a SMS message telling her how perfect the place is for their wedding and I know so well how to make their wedding an Event as Planned ;)

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mommy Moments: Rainbow Colors

I hope this post gets into Mommy Moments' Mr. Linky...was a bit busy attending to some household stuff and errands for a May wedding...

My share to this week's Rainbow Colors theme are...

Maia's Christening backdrop
and Leon's collection of crayons

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visita Iglesia 2011

It has been a tradition for our family to do Visita Iglesia every Holy Thursday. We have been planning to go out-of-town but considering that the kids are still small for an anticipated hot long trip, we decided to do it here in Metro Manila. Anyway, looking at the list I got from the web, there are still a lot of Catholic Churches that we have not visited for Visited Iglesia.

We have done Quezon City, I believe more than twice, same with the City of Manila. Last year, we ventured Marikina City, Pasig and San Juan for our traditional Visita Iglesia.

This year, yesterday to be more precise, our itinerary included the citi
es of Mandaluyong and Makati. Although I've listed thirteen churches, a mix of Shrines, Parishes and Chapels, we were only able to visit 8 from the list because the kids were already tired and sleepy.

Our first stop was at St. Francis of Assisi Parish along Shaw Blvd. Yes, this is the church of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. We said the 1st and 2nd stations of the cross here. We then proceeded to the Archdiocesan Shrine of The Diving Mercy along May
silo Circle in Boni Ave., Mandaluyong. The 3rd and 4th stations of the cross were recited her. Next stop was at the San Felipe Neri Parish also along Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong. To our surprise this church was an old structure made of adobe materials. Here we prayed the 5th and 6th stations of the cross. Masses just started in these 3 churches when we visited and at San Felipe Neri, well along Boni Ave., statues of Saints, Mary and of Jesus Christ were being prepared for the procession, maybe after the mass or towards dusk.

At the entrance of St. Francis of Assisi Parish

behind us is San Felipe Neri Parish

On our way to The Divine Mercy Shrine though, we saw a church, we presumed a Catholic church, was not in my list. Going towards, Makati for our next church visit, my husband M, decided to pass by the church, anyway, it was along the way. It is a Catholic church, San Roque Parish, but when we tried to stop, the streets beside it were narrow and we can't seem to find the stations of the cross. We can't really get into the church to do our prayers because there was an on-going mass. M veered the vehicle towards Makati instead.

In Makati, our 4th stop was supposed to be at the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which we assumed to be at the Guadalupe area. But we
were wrong. Orense St., the address of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe was on the other side of EDSA. Good thing though, that the 5th in our list, Nuestra Senora De Gracia Parish was just where we were at the moment. We mistook it to be the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, specially since the marker of the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe is still visible in one of the buildings. Here we said the 7th and 8th stations of the cross. I still have to research about the origin of both churches. A boo-boo for us here :(

Nuestra Senora De Gracia Parish
an old church and monastery founded by
the Agustinian Order in 1601

From Nuestra Senora De Gracia exactly located at 7440 Bernardino St., Guadalupe Viejo, we plied through J.P. Rizal towards Bel-Air where St. Andrew The Apostle Parish is located. It's at the corner of N. Garcia and Neptune Sts., Bel-Air II right across Manila South Cemetery.
We only reflected on the 9th station here because of too much crowd. We arrived at the church just after the Blessed Sacrament was transferred for the night's vigil.

Our 6th stop was at the National Shrine of The Sacred Heart of Jesus in San Antonio Village. Here we reflected on the 10th, 11th and 12th stations of the cross. Just like at St. Andrew The Apostle Parish, we arrived after the Blessed Sacrament was transferred. A good timing because we were able to get inside the church for more fervent prayers. Though, we found the church quite small for a national shrine. Here though, Leon started to tell us that he tired already and wanted to go home. To pacify him, we bought him P20 worth of steamed peanuts.

He munch on it until we reached our 7th stop at the St. John Bosco Parish along A. Arnaiz Ave., cor Amorsolo St., were we reflected on the last 2 stations of the cross.The parish is within the compounds of the Don Bosco School in Makati. We offered a few more prayers then went off to the last church to be visited. But before we left, Leon asked for steamed corn this time, one of his comfort food, that was selling just were we parked the car.

The last church we visited was the St. Pio of Pietrelcina Chapel at the St. Pio Center along C5 Road in Libis, Quezon City. Since we were done with our station of the cross, we offered our personal prayers here. Just like the above 7 churches, it was our first time to visit St. Pio Chapel. Of all the churches that we went for visita iglesia, it was at St. Pio that we encountered traffic both of vehicles and humans.

St. Pio is quite known nowadays because of the numerous prayers granted through his intercession. No wonder why groups of people and individuals flock to the chapel be it during the Lenten season or on regular days. Note worthy also is the manner on how people go through the station of cross. Upon entering the garden/area where the stations were placed, organizers, hand over to the people a good size of a cross for them to carry throughout the stations. I believe, it is done for the people to go through Christ's ordeals during His time, on their reflections of the stations of the cross. Maybe we can try this next year, when the kids are big enough and more easy to handle.

Lenten season is the time for reflection of the life we lived. It can also be a good time to thank the Lord for enduring all the hardships just to save us all from our sins. It is the time to remind us of the life of Jesus and make it our inspiration to do good and be more like Him in our daily life, to proclaim His goodness and humility and His love for mankind.

Hope everyone is having a meaningful Lenten season that would lead to a glorious Easter this coming Sunday.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Pool Party (MYM#16, Blue Monday#3, Ruby Tuesday#16, Watery Wednesday#3)

Leon got an invite for a pool party yesterday. The birthday girl is Maxine, my officemate's daughter, she turned 4 too, this year. The party was a pool party in her grandaunt's residence in Quezon City.

Leon immediately dipped in the pool

Here playing with his new found friends - all girls :D

Max about to blow her fish candles,
she turned 4, looks like one of the fish went back to the pool lol!

We arrived a little past 2 in the afternoon and was greeted my officemate and her hubby and alas, upon seeing the pool, Leon can't wait to jump in. Although Maia wanted to play in the water, too, we did not let her swim instead we allowed her experience walking barefoot on the grass, looks like she enjoyed it as well. Maia walking barefoot

playing with the grass

Definitely a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon.


Smiling Sally

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maia's 1st & Leon's 4th Birthday Party @ Jollibee

April 10 was the date we staged the joint birthday party of our children Leon and Maia at Jollibee Katipunan. Leon turned 4 on March 2 while Maia's already 1 year old last April 8.

Originally, it was only Maia's 1st birthday celebration, but knowing Leon, who wants to blow all the candles because for him, whoever's birthday is, it's his. In anticipation of the hassle that might happen, we instead made it a double celebration. Maia's 1st and Leon's 4th.
Leon in his Spider Man costume

Maia in her pretty pink dress

Almost all the invited guests were there except for a few godparents. The gathering were a mix of family, relatives and close friends. We arrived at the venue at exactly 5 in the afternoon, guests came in immediately after. At 5:30 the party host started the program by welcoming the guests and of course the birthday celebrators, Maia and Leon.

3 sets of games were played by kids and kids at heart, after which dinner was served. After dinner, a special number was presented by none other - Jollibee himself. And because Jollibee is one of Leon's favorite character, Leon joined the stage when it was Jollibee's time to perform. To our surprise, Leon danced along with Jollibee - Leon's got talent!

Wishes were said, and gifts and tokens were given to kiddie guests. At exactly
7 in the evening, the party came to close with faces of guest filled with enjoyment.

M and I are glad that we were able to give our children a simple yet fun filled party they deserve. And we thank God for giving us Leon and Maia and the joys they bring to our life.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mommy Moments: Summer Plans

April 1 marks the beginning of summer here in the Philippines, this is the season almost all are looking forward to aside from Christmas season. Young and old spends a great deal of time in planning for their summer.

This year, for our family, we've already went swimming at Amana Waterpar
k in Pandi, Bulacan last April 3 and it is just the beginning of a queue of activities in line for us and the kids specially.Next in line is the joint birthday party of our kids, Maia's 1st birthday and Leon's 4th. We had to make it a joint party in anticipation of Leon's dislike when he'll see that all of the attention is on Maia...we are still in the stage of explaining to him that we have our own birthdays and it's not all the time his. :D

The other plans are:
  • enrolling Leon to a Teakwondo class, for him to be able to release his overwhelming stored energies
  • scout for a Pre-School for Leon
  • Visita Iglesia, which is a tradition in the family
  • family outing, preferably in a beach
  • attend the wedding of our couple friends
So far these are our plans, we hope to accomplish most if not all.

How about you? come share your summer plans at Mommy Moments.

Happy Summer!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Outing @ Amana Waterpark in Bulacan (Mommy and Me Mondays #13, Mellow Yellow #12, Ruby Tuesday #13, Watery Wednesday)

We just had a great time this past weekend! Since summer is officially here, what's the best way to welcome it? SWIMMING!!!Last Sunday, the company-family outing my husband was busy putting together came to reality. M was on top of everything just to make sure we will enjoy ourselves at the Amana Waterpark in Pandi, Bulacan, PI.As early as 5 in the morning, he was on his feet preparing the food we will be bringing not just for the family but for his office mates and their families as well. When I woke up at about 6 a.m. he was already cooking the pasta noodles and already set the turbo ready for me to lodge in the marinated chicken. While in between cooking, he made sure that everything else were all set.Right after everything was cooked, we went off for a fun-filled day ahead of us. Amana Waterpark in Pandi, Bulacan is a little over an hour drive from Quezon City via the newly constructed C6 road connecting Quezon City to the North Expressway.Leon who was too excited about the idea of swimming kept on asking us if we were already near. Maia on the other hand slept almost all throughout the trip.

Amana Waterpark is a nice place to spend for a family o
uting. Although they are still developing the resort, there are already 4 pools where you can dip in to cool off the summer heat. From the main entrance where you have to pay an entrance fee, you still have to drive through (or walk) a distance of about 500 meters to the entrance of the resort proper.

Entrance fees
costs P250 or $5.75 for adults and P200 or $4.60 for kids under 4 feet. Babies are free of charge. Cottage rent ranges from P600.00 to P2,500 or $13.80 to $57.52 depending on your choice of cottage.

The resort's landscape is filled with life-size characters of the Justice League, Spider Man a
nd Sand Man, Shrek's Ogre family, Lord of the Rings characters, Madagascar character animals, King Kong and Dragon Ball Z, to name a few. Definitely a fun-filled day for the kids who will not just enjoy the pools but also the surroundings.Once set in our cottage, Leon can't help but want to swim. Maia though was hesitant at first because of the many people she sees, but once wet, she enjoyed the water too. Leon loved the kiddie pool, he walked around the pool without any fear because the height of the pool and water was just right for him. The deepest area of the kiddie pool reaches only up to Leon's neck part. While Maia enjoyed the wave pool! Guided by either me, her dad or her yaya, she walks around the shallow part and when she sees the wave coming, she'll retract in a hurry to the surface, having fun running away from the waves.

Here are photos to show how great the day was for us...

Leon simply loved the water fountain/shower

@ the kiddie pool

behind us is the wave pool,
the biggest so far in the Philippines

@ the wave pool

@ the Ogre Village

with Iron Man

with the Thing

@ the Justice League marker
near the entrance of the waterpark

And since it's only the beginning of summer, I know there are still some activities in tow for the family to look forward to :D


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