Friday, October 29, 2010

Manana Habit (I will do it tomorrow - Couple's Corner 10-27-10)

'I will do it tomorrow' is one heck of an annoying statement especially for spouses with OCD behavior.

My husband and I, on different occasions, utter this statement, especially when we were a newly wedded couple. As the days, weeks, months and years go by, saying the statement
becomes annoying to each other. Thus, we try hard not to piss off each other by nagging each other to do something both isn't really ready to do. Again, we wait for the right time to request from each other assist us on thing we cannot do by ourselves.

For example, since both of us are on an 8-5 work, we don't really do serious household chores during week days. I, for one, is free both on Saturdays and Sundays, thus I'm able to do more things at home than my husband, who is only free on Sundays. What I do, I plan whatever it is to do for the weekends, I do stuff which I can manage during Saturdays. But in cases where in I think I'll need his help, I do tell him in advance so he too, can fit it in his calendar of activities.

I've learned not to insist on what I want to be done or to be finished. Instead, I've learned to make it a couple activity so that tasks won't appear as task but as something we can share in doing and also as a bonding moment for the two of us.

I have to admit though, between me and my husband, it's me who can't finish a task, thus 'I'll finish it tomorrow'. Not really an excuse but I'm quite OC on most household issues, thus instead of being able to finish something, there is a tendency to overdo stuff and leave it as it was before it was attended to. whew...

But then again, being a wife, a mother, a career woman, a homemaker, and all that is that we are, not to mention being a sister, a friend and an enemy, there are a lot of things expected from us, and we can do only so much. I guess, the same applies to our spouses.

At the end of the day, what is important is not so much of what we have accomplished for the day but how we've managed our relationship, not only with our better-half but with our children and other people around us as well.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Geared up for Halloween (MYM & Mommy & Me Monday 10-25-10; RT 10-26-10)

Halloween is around the corner. Although it wasn't really a tradition here in the Philippines, it's been now for quite sometime. You can see in some houses in posh villages and in the malls/department stores, decors depicting the occasion - pumpkins (which can't be found here, though we have the squash), witches in broomstick, scarecrows, bats and spiders. Even for some middle class family (to which we belong), joins in to celebrate Halloween. Parents get busy preparing or buying costumes for their children joining trick or treat in famous malls in the metro, to which I intend to let Leon experience as well now that he's

Here in the Philippines, local folktales are more of the mananangg
al and/or aswang (witches; half-bodied woman with wings), multo (ghost) and more mythical creatures such as kapre (giant), diwata (fairy), dwende (elf) and more. But because of colonization and influences, we've geared to the more western counterparts such as vampires, ghosts, monsters and zombies and fairies and elves, clowns and prince and princesses.

Last Sunday, after hearing mass at the Megamall chapel, we strolled
around and let Leon play at Toy Kingdom. He go amazed with the halloween decors, costumes and masks, though he was a little afraid with the zombie masks, he was more into superheroes costumes than the creepy ones. I tried making him wear a few of them to prepare him for his first ever trick-or-treat experience but he wasn't in the mood. I even tried a few hats as well as Maia so that Leon will follow suit but to no avail...

Here we are Maia and me...ooops Maia can't be seen

the little cute monster Maia with pumpkin Mommy Hahai

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nature-themed mugs (Go Green Friday 10-22-10)

It's Go Green Friday once again. My share for this week is our mugs - an nature-theme mugs which me and my husband got as a pre-wedding gift from a colleague four years ago. Since then it has been our mug - both for hot and cold drinks.

Mine is the green one - a jungle themed mug, while my husband got the blue one with under-the-sea theme. Both came in tin cans also with the same design. Both tin cans are being used by our son Leon as containers of his crayons and knick-knacks.

We are wired!

Finally after almost 11 months, we've got our own DSL connection! We tried broadband services from various telecom companies but are not satisfied with their services. Nothing beats wired connection, I guess.
Today, after a few days of application processing, our DSL was connected and I'm trying it out. We've contracted BayanTel for this service. So far it's fast and I hope this will remain as is. We got the P999 package with a speed of 1.0 mbps that may reach a maximum of 1.5 mbps.

What to look forward to aside from the speed that this service provide is the increase in number of blogs me and my husband can do eventually being able to accept paid post tasks...which will eventually lead to me being a work at home mom...looking forward to this lol!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kissing Scenes (Mommy Moments 10-22-10)

Kissing scenes are precious "kodak-moments" not just for me but for almost all moms out there. I have a little though since most of the time, it's me who's taking the picture, thus there are more kodak-moment of our children with their dad ;)

This one I love the most - taken by our dear friend Ants, this was a stolen shot when I was having fun of our son Leon's cheeks...which is so full that I simply love to kiss them (also a gigil moment).

here's my gigil moment with my daughter Maia ;)

mommy moments

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NO Dear...(Couple's Corner 10/20/10)

First, I don't want to get a NO for an answer...not just from my husband but from other people as well...that shows how stubborn my personality is. Besides, for me, it's some kinda rejection, and I don't want it as well...I'm a bit a sensitive person, that's another reason.

Therefore, instead of getting a NO for an answer, I try hard to first analyze whatever the situation is then I act.

I believe M and I knows each other too well that we are able to talk to each other, further, request from each other what we want without expecting a NO for an answer. I guess, right timing is the key to not getting a NO from our spouses/partners.

Although, I must admit I still get some NO especially when we do the groceries...there are some items that I would want to pitch in the cart but just by his looks, I know it's a NO. But again, sometimes I still get what I want especially when what I want is what our son Leon also wants...hehehe, another secret weapon huh...

What I normally do is talk to him about what I want and ask for his opinion and eventually get his approval - he does the same thing with me. Besides, both of us already knows whatever it is that will merit each others disapproval, thus we won't insist on it anymore. Most of the time still, I don't get what I want in an instant. It's something both of us really have to work hard for -- a value we want to instill also to our children, thus we have to be good examples to them.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Pink Run: D'Feeting Breast Cancer (MYM/RT)

I was invited by my officemate Beechie to attend The Pink Run not as a participant but as an observer. It was held on October 17, 2010 at the Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill in Taguig.

As mentioned before, we at Haribon will be having our own run, The Million Hect
are Challenge. Since I'm head of logistics and Beechie, head of technical, for our event and since it will also be held at the same venue, we decided to look at how the organizers of The Pink Run managed their event, from physical arrangement to crowd management.

The Pink Run was a successful event, thumbs up to the Philippine Society of General Surgeons for an event-well done. Indigenous cancer patients are the beneficiaries of this fund-raising run. Congratulations as well to those who run the 15K,
10K, 5K and 3K distances to show their support for this cause.

From what we have observed, we will share to the committee and see what amongst it can be duplicated on our event and what not to do during the event. We hope to be able to generate the same number of participants, if not more. We also would want to make The Million Hectare Challenge a successful event just like The Pink Run.

There were turn-offs though, we were charged a parking fee of 50 bucks! though we were informed by the management of McKinley that parking is free on Sundays. This issue we have to clarify with Megaworld and for us to be able to inform our participants about it. Another major issue we really have to inform and ensure with with Megaworld is the issue on car breakage and burglary. We were informed that some cars were robbed either through forceful entry or through breakage of windows.We partly paid for the venue and we will demand what it is
due from the Megaworld management. We want our event to be successful thus part of the success is the security not just of the runners/organizers but of properties as well.

Here are some photos during The Pink Run:
Start/Finish Arch

15K run about to begin

10K runners in queue

5K runners getting ready
3K runners waiting for the gunstart
The Pink Run message board

Mother & daughter tandem strolling after the event.
This we want during our event - a family quality time :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday (Oct 11, 2010)

Sharing some silly moments with Leon when he was still a year old...the day before he had his first haircut
can you see it? he tongue-twists

such a happy baby...even until now ;)

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hairstyle for Kids (Mommy Moments 10-8-10)

It's Mommy Moments once again and time to share moments with our kids...this week's topic is on Hairstyle...
Leon a few months old

Leon 1 year older before he had his 1st haircut

Leon during his haircut

Leon after his hair

Leon in between haircuts

while here is Maia, I know her hair will still grow and I am looking forward to it...maybe she'll sport the hairstyle I had when I was a kid, the typical shoulder-length with or without bangs...we'll see, whatever will fits her pretty face ;)

more kiddie hairstyle here at:

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Who's The Boss!

Who's the Boss? Should the husband be more superior than the wife? Most of the time, I find myself trying to understand why being superior is an issue. Why can't human behavior accept superiority of others as a positive force in dealing with life's complexity. Or is it part of life's complexity. Regardless, I think in marriage, who's the boss shouldn't be an issue.

In our case, although I am a modern woman, I can still accept the fact that male species are predominantly superior than the female species. Be it scientifically or theologically based - which I can balance as the foundation of some of my
principles in life and of this week's Couple's Corner topic.

Therefore, I really don't mind whether me or my husband M becomes superior or inferior in various situations, it's all about balance. I think he has the same view as mine. I openly
accepted the fact that I will be the more inferior between the two of us. Most of the time though, M seeks my opinion in matters especially on family matters and those that may affect the condition of the family in the future. Most often than not, too, we share the same opinions, thus less conflict. Sometimes though, it's me who acts like the boss in terms of decision making concerning some passions of mine ;0 lol. And it is during these times that I get reminded by M of his presence...sorry my dear.

On decision making, we both seek each others opinion. But during emergency cases and whenever one is not available, we trust each other to make the necessary decision especially concerning our children and the family in general. Immediately after the situation or when the other spouse arrives, we tell each other the decisions we made and most of the time, we agree on it.

On some simple matters such as those concerning household chores, furnishings, it's mostly up to me while those concerning the cars, electrical connections, I leave it up to him. Most decision making such those concerning the kids, finances and for the family in general are shared between the two of us.

We did not sit down and talked about this, what we are holding on is our trust and respect to one another to make the right decisions and actions. What is always on top of our mind is the betterment of the family, the children and our relationship as a couple.

It's all about sharing and giving. Balance in all aspect of married and family life is, I guess, the key to a successful working relationship.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Easter 2010 - Jump Start (Mommy Moments & Mommy & Me Monday#8)

I don't know if this will count, but since Leon's on the heavier side, jumping for him is quite a task. And when he jumps, it won't be too high...

Here's Leon with his tiny jump....
Grabbed a moment with him to have our picture taken in this egg-hole rabbit face...

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Daily Dose of I LOVE YOUs (Mellow Yellow Monday #11)

My daily dose of I Love You's from my son Leon is expressed through this 3 little yellow flowers which he picks every morning and hands to me with matching peck on my cheek!

Definitely a sweet gesture that brightens my day!


The Million Hectare Challenge: Go Green Friday Oct 1, 2010

The Million Hectare Challenge is an annual event of Haribon Foundation, on it's 4th year now, to raise funds for forest restoration. It will be held at the McKinley Hills in Taguig on November 21, 2010.

Registration is now open, that's the reason why I'm too busy with work lately. I'm in charge of Logistics, from production of kits, promotional materials to physical arrangement on the day of the event. I just hope this event will be a success because I'm starting getting gaga over!

What's keeping my on the lighter side are the number of registrants flocking in as well as the companies that signifies their intention to be sponsors of this event. What's keeping me more excited are the packages these sponsors are promising us....really crossing my fingers and toes here! Both registrants and sponsors are good sign for us environmentalist because supporting our event shows also their support for our advocacy and for our cause of restoring at least 1 MILLION HECTARES of the PHILIPPINES' RAINFOREST - such a huge task to undertake!

Inviting you as well to join our event, check out our website at or drop by our office along Aurora Blvd., in Cubao, Quezon City.

Hope to see and meet you all there!