Tuesday, February 24, 2009

it's been two years today that I haven't got into a movie house to watch a movie!


not really, i enjoyed every single moment I spent with my family.

the real reason was that two years ago, I gave birth to our son...since then, me and my husband spend most of our time...free time of course with him.

we can't find it in our hearts to leave him with the yaya while we are enjoying ourselves, either in the movie house or in gimicks

our son is always with us wherever we go...well except for work, though he's been with us a few times already...


there's this upcoming movie...Angels and Demons, which I really want...love to watch...I actually mentioned it already to my husband...told him I've got to watch the movie! (he too want to watch the movie)

Angels and Demons...i love the storyline...got the book some 3 years ago...read it already

i want to see if I'll get the same reaction in the movie as I did reading it...I really hope the actors will give justice to their roles...

excited!...yeah, aside from the fact that it's my favorite book...I'll likewise address an issue we (me and my husband) tried holding back for two years now.

...though haven't thought of how to leave our son yet for the movie :(

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's amazing how a child grow fast

in a few days from now, our son is turning 2

giving birth to him seemed so recent yet whenever i look at him, he's really grown. He's learn so much as well, whether on words or tricks. He knows how to make us smile especially on tiring days

Going home from work is something I'm looking forward to everyday, already imagining him running towards the door to give me a hug or jumping with joy upon seeing us...uttering mommy or please...asking me to carry and cuddle him

Though he's big for his age, I really don't mind the weight whenever I carry him...but I have to admit, my back aches after a few minutes.

He knows some words already, like please, excuse me, happy, sorry, "ate" to call his yaya...He calls his cousin Gaby, Bobby...Lala for Grandma, Moms for Lola Moms...Nini for Uncle Juni, EE for Auntie Sweetie, Umbo for Uncle Bong...cute isn't it?

I really love hearing him call us mommy and daddy...so sweet

he knows some antics as well...tumbling on our bed...jumping like a penguin...connecting all toy cars to appear like a too-toot (train)...he loves reading books...he's got a "camera smile" and the "pogi smile"

there so much to say about our son...

Monday, February 16, 2009

family photo album

back when i was still young, i was fond of collecting photos of myself, family and friends...all arranged chronologically

a little bit an old school in this area, i still am in favor of browsing over the pages looking over all pictures, but the idea of organizing photos in cd also works for me

i'm still fond of collecting photos until now except that i'm having difficulty in organizing all of them...i can't decide which ones are to be developed and which ones are to be kept in a cd...

having a family of my own and a bubbly little boy whose every move we would want to take picture of, one can imagine the number of pictures we have on hand...well on file...

i didn't know where to start until we saw this booth in Megamall. What they are into? They organize photos for you!

right there and then, i tried to convince my husband to allow me to order an album from them, which he initially shrug off but because of my insistence, he gave in...

we decided to have the baptism of our son organized...and yes we were satisfied with the outcome and is now deciding on the next photo album to be produced.

although a little bit expensive, the outcome is worth the price. Thanks to the one who thought of this concept...you made my life a little bit more organized.