Tuesday, September 15, 2009

pregnancy experiences

it has been mentioned to me during my first pregnancy that experiences such as morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, etc varies in different pregnancies.

in my experience, now that I'm on the family way with our second baby and only on my first trimester, I'm experiencing the same thing! Nausea is there, vomiting is there, worst I can't eat! As soon as I get to smell any kind of food, it becomes difficult for me to eat it and if I force myself to eat the food, I'll end up throwing up! gooey!!!

I'm so craving for food...it's been a while since I ate a good meal...since the time I felt I was pregnant, my stomach often feels empty and there's this feeling of a balloon inside and it's just floating within my tummy.

I can't help but wait for my first trimester to end so I can eat whatever food I want...except of course junkies which is really a no no to pregnant women.

we're only talking about food here. My sense of smell is too active as well...can't stand perfumes, cologne, soap, food prep, you name it, I'll react to it.

As I mentioned to my husband yesterday, the embryo in me is still half an inch in size but the effect it has on me and on other moms who experience the same thing, is way too much! No wonder every mother truly loves her child...the experiences bearing one is something a woman can be very proud of!


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