Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 years and still going...Happy Anniversary!

It seems like it was just yesterday but we are celebrating our 5th year anniversary exactly today. M and I tied the knot on March 8, 2006 at the Santisimo Rosario Parish Church commonly known as the UST Chapel.

Time flies so fast yet everything that happened to us as a couple are still vivid in my mind. Not that I cannot believe it, Leon and Maia are the living proof of our fruitful and maturing relationship.

I never felt this happy. Having children is one source of chaotic h
appiness and having a spouse to share all my feelings is another thing. M is a good friend, my best friend that is aside from being my husband. I guess, that is one factor why despite some misunderstandings, we still end up at peace with each other.

Being married to each other for 5 years plus almost 3 years as a dating couple gave us enough time to know each other, although there are still more
to learn in the years to come, I may say that we've already showed our true selves to one another. I know we will be able to face the challenges we are facing in the days and years to come because we've already laid the foundation of our relationship. Beyond love, we've learned to trust each other, to have faith in one another and to acknowledge that both of us have our weaknesses. We've learned to complement each other - one's weakness may be the strength of the other.

We may be a young couple compared to many out there but as promised during our wedding day and in front of God and our witnesses, we are bound to keep and fulfill our promises to each other given the many challenges in life.

I believe that there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman, I am not an exception to this, but I know there is the perfect partner - a perfect match - and M is my perfect match. Complementing each others imperfection creates a close to perfect relationship and that's what we are aiming at.

Leon and Maia's existence brings our relationship to a higher level. We are more responsible in almost all aspects in the relationship, emotional, psychological and spiritual. These, we try hard to inculcate to our children and with that it also harness us to become better persons.

As what I've posted in my Facebook wall...
"I am looking forward to more petty quarrels that will make our relationship stronger, to a more challenging life as a couple and parents to our children and to a more matured relationship filled with LOVE, HUGS and KISSES until my hair grows thin and gray and yours all gone :)"

I thank God for putting meaning in my life through the man who's destined to be my better half - M. Happy Anniversary dear! I Love you and will always will!


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sHeNgKaY said...

mommy blog hop lang si ako..hindi na ako nagbasa..sunod na..
dahil sa subjest mo..

happy anniv..
keep the flame burning!