Wednesday, May 25, 2011

S if for Summer (MYM #20; Mommy & Me Monday #18; Blue Monday #6; Ruby Tuesday #17 Watery Wednesday #6; ABC Wednesday Round 8)

S is for SUMMER.

What's the best way to spend Summer? But of course a sum
mer outing with family and friends in the beach!!!

Summer here in the Philippines won't be that complete if we don't go swimming, whe
ther is in a beach or a swimming pool. Getting ourselves tanned under the tropical heat is a must during this season.

That's just what we did last May 23-24, 2011. Haribon F
oundation had our summer outing at the Palm Beach Resort in Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas. It wasn't just a company outing, we encourage our employees to bring along family members so that it'll be grand family get-together - Haribon's 2011 R & R (rest and recreation).

4:30 am of May 23 was our assembly time, we left at exactly 6:00 am. Breakfast was pre-ordered thus, we had it while in the bus on our w
ay to Palm Beach. With a few stop overs to pick-up some more staff along the way and to answer nature's call. We arrived at the resort just on time, 9:00 am to be exact. Palm Beach in San Juan, Batangas is a shy 3-4 hour drive from Quezon City depending on the traffic along South Super Highway. But since it was a Monday, we were against the traffic as traffic normally heads towards Metro Manila and not the other way around.

It was exciting for me and my husband M because it's kinda our firs
t to go summer outing in a beach with our children Leon and Maia. Leon at 4 was already excited about going to the beach. Prior to May 23, he counted the number of sleeps he had to go before the grand summer outing. He became more excited when we bought him a new pair of trunks and pail and shovel set for his sand castle-making and when his godmother bought him and Maia floaters.

Just as when we alighted from the bus tha
t transported us to the resort, Leon became more ecstatic. He can't contain himself and insisted on his Dad to bring him to the shoreline. Once in the sand he took off his footwear and since then until we went home he walked barefooted. Maia on the other hand was reserved when we arrived the place, but once she experienced the water and while afloat her life-saver, it became quite difficult to take her out of it.
Leon. trying out his water gun
From 9 am until a little past 1 pm we stayed in the Cabanas as check in time was only at 1 pm. It was free time for us, meaning we can do whatever we want. Some staff gathered in different Cabanas to chit-chat with one another and to voice out their expectations on our so called "team-building activity" and the rumbled room assignments while others started to enjoy the beach. While we were having our lunch, other members of the organizing committee went to post the room assignments on their respective rooms as well placed our surprise R&R gift on the beds ...a personalized bag tag.
my personalized Haribon 2011 R&R bagtag

At 4 pm, we organized the group for the "team-building activities" we prepared for us to be able to demonstrate working as a team, it turned out to be more fun than expected though. All participated together with the family members that came along. We divided the group into 4 teams - Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. I belong to the Green team, though in some games, I did not participate so as not to be bias because I'm part of the organizing committee. In spite of the competition, we showed camaraderie not only to our team mates but also to our opponents, thus making the whole activity fun.

After the mini team-building activity, most of us, including and specially the children, changed to our swimsuits to have more fun in the beach, we eventually transferred to the infinity pool when dusk came. Most of the ladies stayed at the jacuzzi while some of the men stayed in the pool. The rest started with the "tagayan" (toast or shot) of the lambanog (coconut wine) we brought from Gen. Nakar, Quezon.

Dinner was served from 7 pm until 9 pm, afterwards, the drinking session became full-blast until past midnight (I guess...). Not that I went drunk, I was with the kids, therefore no drinking, it's just that the group stayed in the Cabana in front of the room we were in, thus I heard the laughter and the meaningful conversations until I dozed off to sleep.

We woke up early the next day to have more of the swimming and sun-bathing. Although, no matter how long I stay under the sun, I don't get enough of the sunburn that I want :( At about 11 am we checked out of Palm Beach, had lunch at the Dish Restaurant and Bar in Lipa City then headed back to Quezon City.

Haribon's R&R 2011 was definitely a blast. Making it more meaningful are the acknowledgments we get from most of the staff for a job well done, making this year's summer outing one of the best in Haribon's history.

Summer outing is a great family-bonding activity
be it spent on the beach or any other family getaway.

M & Me

Leon trying to build a castle or is it a volcano???

Maia savoring the moment


family moments
and enjoying the serenity of the resort


snuggling in bed

My family and I are thankful for this opportunity of a summer outing and bonding moments not just of the Ponce family but of the Haribon family in general.

PS. Another thing to be thankful...although there was a threat of an incoming storm, our R&R was spared from it. Thank God!


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Smiling Sally


magiceye said...

fun post!!

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys were having so much fun.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The ocean here looks so calm and peaceful!


Puddles of water and drops of dew—
What does it take to satisfy you?
A rushing river, a roiling sea—
That’s what it takes to satisfy me!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Rambling Desert Stream

Roger Owen Green said...

definitely summery shots. getting warmer here too.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Real Lady said...

what a fun day...

Krystyn said...

Wow! How pretty! It just might be warm enough here to get into the water!

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