Thursday, November 20, 2008

my "initial" hectic schedule

been quite busy the last two weeks...

managing fairly the new family business...a food store in Mendiola. I'm in-charge of the daily inventory...adds up to my hectic schedule...but trying hard not to miss out quality time for the family esp with our son Leon...of course, family comes always first before anything else. Anyway, the business and all the things we do are for the family.

been to busy with work as well...just had our annual Million Hectare Walk...and too many deadlines to beat.

I just hope that things will normalize soon since Christmas in already in the air. Will have to squeeze in decorating the house, shopping for gifts and planning for noche buena. The whole family will be spending Christmas eve together, as Mamang wants it that way...might as well be ready for the boo-boos

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