Monday, January 19, 2009

My (supposed to be) year ender

2008...favorites (random listing...the list is not arranged according to which is the best...just listed them down)

though quite late in posting this blog, I still want to publish this and compare it to my next year's post =)

1. Megamall - still our weekend family-time place.
2. Okuya - a Japanese fast food diner, price: reasonable; quality: quite good :)
3. 88 Store/Daiso - a practical place to shop for household items are available as well
4. Tom's world/Timezone - we now frequent the place because of our toddler
5. Shopwise, Cubao - although the prices are a bit high, what we appreciate is the orderliness of the store and the store hours which is very convenient to's open 'til 11 pm to those who doesn't know yet...;)
6. Crocs - love the feel on my feet! My son loves it too...will get another pair soon
7. Adopt-A-Tree - Haribon's strategy to bring back the Philippine's denuded forest...the goal is to be able to reforest 1M hectares by year 2020
8. Hello Kitty - (oh well) this will be my lifetime favorite :)
9. Belle de Jour Power Planner - I had one for 2008, I got another for 2009
10. Ton-ton's Thai Massage - a good way of de-stressing and bonding with my husband
11. Bath and Body Sprays - refreshing body sprays! My favorite would be Cucumber Melon for its cool effect and sweet scent.
12. Haribon Foundation - still the organization to which my advocacies are aligned.
13. Flip flops - still my comfy foot companion
14. Bossa Nova music - helps me relax
15. Jogging at UP or Marikina Sports Complex - our family's form of exercise

I guess this is it :)

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