Monday, February 16, 2009

family photo album

back when i was still young, i was fond of collecting photos of myself, family and friends...all arranged chronologically

a little bit an old school in this area, i still am in favor of browsing over the pages looking over all pictures, but the idea of organizing photos in cd also works for me

i'm still fond of collecting photos until now except that i'm having difficulty in organizing all of them...i can't decide which ones are to be developed and which ones are to be kept in a cd...

having a family of my own and a bubbly little boy whose every move we would want to take picture of, one can imagine the number of pictures we have on hand...well on file...

i didn't know where to start until we saw this booth in Megamall. What they are into? They organize photos for you!

right there and then, i tried to convince my husband to allow me to order an album from them, which he initially shrug off but because of my insistence, he gave in...

we decided to have the baptism of our son organized...and yes we were satisfied with the outcome and is now deciding on the next photo album to be produced.

although a little bit expensive, the outcome is worth the price. Thanks to the one who thought of this made my life a little bit more organized.


Dee said...

Hi! :)

Oh, me too. I also prefer photos in paper. I think it's more personal that way. And the Megamall shop sounds really helpful, because it can be really quite difficult to arrange photos in their proper categories.

It's so nice to know you.:) Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day! :)

hahai.ponce said...

Hi! Thanks also for visiting my site, too.

Nice reading your blogs though I haven't read all of them yet.

have a great day ahead!