Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's amazing how a child grow fast

in a few days from now, our son is turning 2

giving birth to him seemed so recent yet whenever i look at him, he's really grown. He's learn so much as well, whether on words or tricks. He knows how to make us smile especially on tiring days

Going home from work is something I'm looking forward to everyday, already imagining him running towards the door to give me a hug or jumping with joy upon seeing us...uttering mommy or please...asking me to carry and cuddle him

Though he's big for his age, I really don't mind the weight whenever I carry him...but I have to admit, my back aches after a few minutes.

He knows some words already, like please, excuse me, happy, sorry, "ate" to call his yaya...He calls his cousin Gaby, Bobby...Lala for Grandma, Moms for Lola Moms...Nini for Uncle Juni, EE for Auntie Sweetie, Umbo for Uncle Bong...cute isn't it?

I really love hearing him call us mommy and daddy...so sweet

he knows some antics as well...tumbling on our bed...jumping like a penguin...connecting all toy cars to appear like a too-toot (train)...he loves reading books...he's got a "camera smile" and the "pogi smile"

there so much to say about our son...

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earthlingorgeous said...

Awww lots of words he can say! I can relate with the backache carrying your child! Thanks for following my blog :)