Monday, June 1, 2009

Full Body Massage

It has been a while since my last body massage, if I'm not mistaken, it was more than a year ago already.

Last night, I finally decided to pamper myself by giving myself a full body massage. I requested my husband to accompany me, though he didn't had a massage himself...he wanted to spend the time with our son.

Searching for a good place to have a massage, I ended up at the Family Health Spa located along Tomas Morato, Quezon City. I had the full body massage which was a combination of the Shiatsu and the Swedish Massage which lasted a little over an hour. Equipped with essential oils that soothes the body even better.

Family Health Spa is not just a place for an individual who wants to avail of their services but also a place where the whole family can go not just for the services they offer but as a place where family can do bonding as well, thus, I guess, the name. Family Health Spa have facilities that can cater to individuals who goes there as a group for a certain service they offer. As I passed by the rooms, I was able to peek at one that has (I think) 3 comfy chairs, ottoman and a television set for entertainment. This area, I assume can be a place where a group can avail of maybe the foot massage altogether. I've seen a snack bar near the reception area. The shower rooms and comfort rooms are clean, all bathroom materials are neatly tucked in shelves. There's also lockers for guest's valuable items.

The employees are courteous as well, from the Receptionist, there's a lady who'll lead you to the shower room (if you opt to) and who'll assign you a locker, she'll then lead you to the room for you to set yourself and to wait for the attendant. The massage attendant will ask you every now and then if you're still okay, if you want to do the stretches or if you want your face massaged as well.

For a person with too much things to do, a few hours in a spa isn't so much of a sin, in fact it even gave me a boost to be always on the go and with the reasonable fee, I've got the service I wanted for a long time. My whole body came out stress free, from head to toe!

Check out Family Health Spa and experience the services they offer yourselves.

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