Tuesday, June 9, 2009

retractable clothes dryer

since the rainy season is quite evident already this past few days, issues of how to dry the laundry is on hand.

I'm going through it this past few days. Not so much on our (me and my husband) clothes but more on the clothes, shorts especially of our son...we're actually training him to pee and poo on his potty so that he's not wearing disposable diapers lately. Though sometimes he uses his potty, but on other times, he still pee on his shorts.

Though our washing machine has a dryer function, we still dry our clothes in the clothesline. But due to the current weather condition, we can't hang our clothes outside. We do have the movable clothes hanger but it's only enough for a number of clothes. When it comes to laundry, I'm quite particular in the drying stage as much as the washing stage. I don't want the smell of an indoor-dried laundry, if you know what I mean...

Yesterday, an officemate, who sidelines as an Avon lady showed my Avon's current brochure. Browsing over it, my attention was caught by the Indoor-Outdoor retractable clothes dryer. I immediately ordered for one...for the price, it's quite a bargain. Today, I received my order. Though the casing is made of plastic, not quite durable as compared to the ones available in department stores, I just hope this will help me with my laundry issues.


Dee said...

Yes, I find the rainy season a hassle on drying clothes too. On my part, I don't like to use the dryer in the washing machine because it uses up much energy and we end up having an exorbitant electric bill.

It's my first time to hear of this kind of dryer. Sounds helpful. I'll check it out.

I have an award for you, by the way. Please grab it in my blog. Thanks. :)

hahai.ponce said...

Thanks Dee! both for visiting my site and for giving me an award...will check it out now. :)

Sorry I've been too busy with work and with a wedding that I'm working on...haven't had the time to visit your site :(

Thanks again!