Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuna Spaghetti in olive oil

Yesterday, before going home from work and as always, I called up my husband's office to ask him what he wanted for dinner. Or at least, suggested to him what I wanted for dinner.

What I had in mind was to have fried fish with fresh lumpia as veggie source. Though he liked the idea, he suggested that he'll cook a pasta dish since the basil leaves we bought the weekend before might go to waste if not yet used soon. I instantly agreed on the idea. My husband loves to cook pasta dishes. He not only cooks the pasta from regular commercial recipes instead he improves what he learns from these recipes and create his own dish.

What he did was the Tuna Spaghetti in Olive Oil. Quite a common pasta dish, but I must say, it was such a delicious meal! We had leftovers last night and I had the chance to bring enough to share with my office mates and to my delight, they loved it and even requested that I bring more servings next time. Even my brother who was a solid all meat spaghetti lover loved the dish!

With the praises I hear from friends and housemates, I definitely feel proud of my husband!

Maybe because part of his secret recipe is that it was cooked with his love for us, his family.

Thanks dear!

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