Sunday, August 21, 2011

Over crepes and smoothies (MYM #21, Blue Monday #7)

It's been a while since my last post and I'm back sharing some yellows and blues ;)

We've met with a friend, Vanessa, who was on a v
isit from the US, t'was a quick meet. We were supposed to have dinner with her but we came in late, in time though for dessert and more chit chat.

I ordered for fresh mango shake, for me that was enough. I'm trying to go on a less sweets and low carbo diet until I reach my desired weight. My husband and I are into running these days and maintaining an ideal weight is necessary for a

But then, Leon, our 4-year old carbo-loading son was with us. Aware of
his appetite, we allowed him to order what he crepe and strawberry flavored smoothie.

fresh mango crepe

just can't help smiling when the camera's on him,
even when there's food inside

Just as he was about to take in the last piece of the crepe, our friend Anthony's order was being served. Seeing the ice cream and cherry toppings, Leon totally forgot about his crepe and flashed his smile to TIto Ants. The smile that translate into "can I have some please."
Leon, though a good eater, isn't much on sweets, he took only a few servings of the ice cream and a few pieces of cherries.

While we were still chatting with friends, we allowed Leon to play aroun
d the decorative light balls near our table, to let go of the energy he just took in.

At the grounds of UP-Ayala Technohub,
playing around with the lighted balls and
the uneven benches


Smiling Sally

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