Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend with family and friends (Mommy and Me Mondays #19)

It great to realize that from just being office mates, we are able to deepen the relationship and become friends, not just us, but also our families - our children too.

Maia flashing her smile

Leon fooling around with a dried fruit
that looks like a poop :)

Sharing with you one weekend spend with family and friends. It was just for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon but we definitely had fun. What made it more enjoyable was seeing our children having the same fun with each other.

playing with children brings back our younger years

Leon trying to fly a kite
The enjoyment of all led us to deciding to do the same activity at least once a month and invite more office mates and their families to join.

Maia wanting to play more with
her new found friends


simply kim said...

oh! that was so sweet.. a picture of a sincerely happy family. keep it up! left you a kiss, girl. hope you kiss me back..

Krystyn said...

it's nice to hang out with new friends.