Monday, August 20, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

August is about to end and the "Ber" months are gonna come in fast. Once September is in, yuletide is in the air. As Christmas is fast approaching, I am revisiting my wishlist and limiting it to four items...and here's hoping that my husband reads this post ;)

1. Sewing Machine
I like the classic one though. I've been wanting to own one
since the time my grandma's sewing machine broke. It would be fun repairing our clothes, thus less expense and hassle going to and from a modiste. Likewise, I'm set to use this for a business that would hopefully start early next year...come to think of it, if this will be for a business, the electronic one will be better, I guess.

2. Sofa set
It's actually a sofa bed. The first time my husband and I saw
it, we fell in love with it. We saw it in one of the malls in the metro, it's a product of Mandaue Foam, which incidentally was raffled off by the manufacturer just recently, I didn't win, thus still on my wishlist. The price is relatively expensive for a piece, but then again, it doubles as a bed...hubby and I are looking to have 2 pieces for our living room ;)3. A new mobile phone
hmmm...probably a Samsung Galaxy Note or an iPhone ...
this one's been a dream since I-don't-know-when, especially for the iPhone
Updating my current phone may be nice...
Just keeping this wish handy

and, finally

4. A front lawn garden
We just transferred into a rented house, generally speaking it's still a bit bare, thus, wishlist #2. Aside from the inside part of the house, I would love to have our front lawn adorned by flowers to give a more homey feeling. On our right is a firewall, wh
ich I intend to hang or put a flower stand full of orchids. On the front will be roses, different colors. On the left will be santan flowers, different colors, too, which I already have one - orange variant. The orchid will be a reminder of my parents, especially my dad who's good at caring for the flower. Roses will remind me of my dear maternal grandma and the colors of all of the flowers when in bloom will remind me of my mom who's such a jolly person.

And on the small garden patch beside the gate will be poinsettia plants hoping to have them in bloom for next year's yuletide season.

...I hope I've been good enough to deserve at least one from the list ;)

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