Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas Tree

As I mentioned in my previous blog, me and my husband are both excited for the coming yuletide season...specially because of our son. Although he was already with us last year, this time he is more responsive to details. I can't wait to see the glow in his face once his daddy puts up the Christmas tree.

Last year, we bought an 8-feet Christmas tree. Quite special because it's the first Christmas tree we bought as a family. What we had the previous years were of my (blood) family. I can still remember going to Divisoria (a bargain place in Manila) to buy a cheaper version of what we see in department stores. It was past 7 in the evening, we went there together with our then 8-month old son, being carried by his daddy, passing through the small alleys of "the" Divisoria, just to buy the tree.

Last year's motif was red. It will still be red this year. Mainly because I want to express my creativity in decorating the tree using the old stuff... making use of old decors to bring out the "fad" of this year's. Second reason would be for my red attracts the attention of most kids...I know it will be fun decorating the tree with a toddler messing around. Lastly, why is the favorite color of my father who recently passed away...this will be the first Christmas season without him around...

The previous weekend, I requested my husband for us to go window shopping specifically for Christmas decors...I want to see the trend so I'll know how to decorate our tree. With what we saw in one of the malls...I think it will be easy decorating the tree...with a few items to add on it...alas, the Christmas Tree!

...will post a picture of it once it's up and decorated.

With this plan on task down :)

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