Wednesday, August 19, 2009

kids cartoon shows

I have a 2 year old son, although not a tv addict but has his favorite cartoon shows...Thomas and Friends, Handy Manny, My Friends Tiger and Pooh and of course the love of all kids, Mickey Mouse clubhouse to name a few...oops, Bob the Builder - my kid is hooked with trucks lately.

Because he likes watching these shows, we, his parents are "forced" to watch the shows with him.

It's quite funny to realize that lately, me and my husband also knows the theme songs of the the point that mostly every morning on my way to the office and even while in the office, I experience the LSS (last song syndrome)! and I get to memorize the characters of these I know the names of all Pocoyo characters...ahaha!!!

...but it doesn't bother me at all, I even actually love the idea...because of my lss, I get to day dream about my kids antics and his habits and our daily experiences with him. Love to be a mom!

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