Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Million Hectare Walk 2009 (year 3)

The organizing team, lead by the Director for Organizational Sustainability met yesterday to discuss the details for this years Million Hectare Walk.

The 3rd Million Hectare Walk will be held on November 22, 2009 a Sunday at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City. It is a walk-for-a-cause activity initially for Haribon members but because of positive response even from non-members, the activity was open to all...members, non-members, young, old, single, couple and family.

How do we go about the activity: The activity aims to raise funds to support the ROAD to 2020 project. Each walker shall pay the registration fee, walkers are also encouraged to solicit pledges from their network for the number of walks or rounds they can make. There are 2 designated routes, one short and one long route. The walker will choose which route to take. They can either solicit a fix pledge or a per lap pledge. Example - I am a walker, and I decide to take the long route, I can also say that I can make 10 laps for the long route. Whoever wants to support me, will pledge a donation, let's say, 1,000 bucks for the 10 laps I can make. Or, they can pledge a donation of 200 per lap I can make. The more supporters I get, the more I am able to contribute to Haribon's program.

On the 1st year of the activity, my husband Lemuel joined as walker...though I can't remember how much he raised. Last year, our son Leon, registered as walker. He took the short route and was able to finish 3 laps. He was able to raise P900. A good sum for a 1 year and a half kid. He also bagged the "youngest walker award", received gift packs from Haribon and our sponsors, Coca-Cola, Smart and Aquabest.

Registrants will receive a kit for the walk, a katcha sling/shoe bag and a t-shirt with the activity design on it. For the last two years, we had additional freebees. I can't still say if we'll have the same now because we are still in the process of looking for sponsors for the event. Last year also we had some awards given to the participants, awards such as the Youngest and Oldest walkers, First to register, First family to register, Walker with the most laps made and some more...we hope we can give out the same awards this year.

On its third year now, the Million Hectare Walk is in support of Haribon's ROAD to 2020 project which aims to restore 1M hectares of denuded Philippine primary forest by year 2020. Proceeds of this activity goes to the planting of native tree species in Haribon identified sites and/or Haribon community project sites. Presently we have the Caliraya Watershed in Laguna as planting site.

Million Hectare Walk is open to all, families especially, that's why we have scheduled it on a Sunday so families can spend their time together while doing something for a cause. There will also be some activities for non walkers and guests. Haribon will likewise set up an exhibit and our merchandise booth so whether you are a walker or not, you can still make some donations in other forms during the event.

Registration will soon be announced. We encourage early registration so you'll have more time to solicit pledges before the day of the walk, though Haribon will still set up a table for walk-in registrants during the event. We are also open for sponsorships - individuals, group and companies are welcome to do so.

For further details you may check on Haribon's website: www.haribon.org.ph

Hope to see you there and support the restoration of the Philippine forest.

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