Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Starbucks Tumbler

Every morning in the office, I go through my daily early morning chores of cleaning my personal stuff, one of which is my Starbucks tumbler.Today, I've noticed that my tumbler had some water marks, literally water marks. Looking at it closer, I come to realize that this tumbler has been with me for quite sometime already...10 years I guess.

...something to be proud of, I believe. It has gone through numerous bumps and falls and yet here it is, serving me both hot or cold drinks, whichever I prefer.

I had it a few months after I got hired on my first job, with the salary I had that time, Starbucks tumblers cost some fortune. Eventually, I got my sister and brothers one each of the starbucks tumblers but of different designs. My husband got his when we were still dating - the black classic design.

Looking back and realizing that it's still with me up to now, it was worth the price!

Now I know what to give my mom and mom-in-law this Christmas!


lemuel said...

i also love my starbucks tumbler. although i seldom use it. it is too small for me, but then again, it was a gift so i should not complain.

hahai.ponce said...

we'll buy you a bigger one :)