Sunday, January 24, 2010


I got to learn to play badminton because of my then-boyfriend-now-husband who was quite a good player and found the game "his kind of a game". I learned to like and love the game since then. We had a regular play schedule with office mates and friends. Badminton became my kind of sport just like my husband. I found it to be my stress-releasing activity. It was a good form of exercise as well, I do shed enough perspiration from a very tiring work in the office.

Until we got married, got pregnant and bore a child and now on the family way with our second child that I realized my last game was more than a year ago. Our son was barely 8 months then he's is turning 3 this March!

Some three weeks ago, my husband started playing badminton again with some of our friends. A couple friends who wanted to enroll in a gym to tone themselves actually gave my husband the idea to play again. He coax them to play badminton instead of going to the gym, which is could be more expensive. Though the couple are still in the decision stage of whether or not to enroll, they were convinced to play and are now joining my husband and some other friends in playing the sport. They're on their 3rd Saturday now.

Badminton is a good form of exercise. There are the 3 stages in an exercise, the warm up, the actual exercise and the cooling down. There are many health benefits in playing the sport. It is a good source of cardio-vascular exercise. It allow
s you to attain your optimal weight, with the right diet of course. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels thus preventing people from having heart attacks. It also helps in preventing osteoporosis regardless of age and sex of the player.

I envy my husband...since I'm on the family way, I cannot play the sport!!! But I do join them on Saturdays, watching them play and allow our son to play his own style of the sport even if he's just 2 years old.

Yesterday, after watching them play, my husband gave me a few hits even while I was sitting on the bench.
I can't wait to play badminton again. I made it a vow that once the baby pops out and I'm fit to do some exercises, Badminton will again be my form of exercise.


lemuel said...

i miss playing badminton with you. we are a good team, sometimes i get to be to competitive with our opponents that i show my frustration. but now i just enjoy the game and happy to teach my friends the sport. i'll be looking forward to our next game, probably in 6 months?

hahai.ponce said...

:) yup...can't wait to play the sport again