Saturday, January 23, 2010

slightly old school

Last Tuesday, I had my monthly check up with my OB. While waiting for my turn, a lady who was also waiting for the OB showed me her ultrasound result. She was too excited about the whole idea, telling us that she'll be having a girl. Understandably because her last pregnancy was thirteen years ago, ultrasound technology, I guess wasn't as available as it is nowadays.

After a few more conversations, she asked about my pregnancy, when I was expecting the baby? how old I am? if I already had an ultrasound? if this is my firstborn? and more. When she asked me what I was expecting, I told her that me and my husband decided not to know the sex of our coming child as we want it to be a surprise just like our firstborn. Hearing my reply, she seemed to be wondering why we decided that way, it showed in her face, even my husband, on our way home, commented about the lady's reaction to my answer. As if my reply was an absurd was then our turn to wonder how come people react that way whenever we tell them that we want it to be a surprise...

Boy or girl, we love to play with the idea of guessing what our baby would be...even how he/she would look like. We do also love to hear people close to us guess what the baby would be. I even play with the idea of tallying their guesses...

It would not be any hassle on our part, in terms of baby's items, as we prepared white colored clothing and items for our firstborn. The same items can still be used by our coming child. We will just add items once it is very evident whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Come to think of it, during the time when my mother was bearing me, ultrasound wasn't available and yet I came out healthy and my body parts are complete, same with my siblings.

Not that I am not in favor of the technology but some people really depends on it too much. In fact, I do appreciate the existence of ultrasound. As early as 3 months, we'll get to know if the baby's healthy. Otherwise, the OB can do something to adjust the case. On the 5th month, yes we'll get to know the sex of the child. Aside from that, we'll get to see the baby's body part, the fingers and toes, the shape of the face and more. Ultrasound helps us prepare for the coming child. I just hope that those who depends too much on it won't blame the technology once they find out that the baby isn't what they really expected them to be.

Science is good but trusting in the One who gave the child to us and doing what is right during pregnancy, maintaining good healthful habits are the most important things I think pregnant women should do.

Slightly old school, isn't it?

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