Friday, January 22, 2010

Cake Lover

Cake or Ice Cream...I am a cake person than an ice cream person...though I love ice cream, too!

Lucky for me, there are a few cake shop near where we live so it's easy for me to just drop by any of it whichever my palate prefers.

Quite popular these days are Cakes from Estrel's, located at 54 Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga streets, Roces, Quezon City. Cakes from Estrel's bakes the oh so yummy caramel cake...the one the really melts in your mouth. Unlike other stores, you must order a day before as they produce a small quantity of their cakes, a few days more during peak season and for special occasion cakes. Thanks to a friend who introduced Estrel's cake to us some years ago making it my top pick in serving cakes during gatherings and special occasions.

Very near our place is Banapple at Katipunan Ave. I especially love it's banoffee pie - really my all time favorite - quite a healthy treat with some fresh slices of banana in every slice. There are a number of cakes and pastries in their menu which you really have try as well. At Banapple, cakes and pastries are available in slices and at reasonable prices making it more easy for you to dive in your cake craving for the day.

I've tried the also famous Mango Bravo served by Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant - a slice of which can drive you crazy, making you forget your recommended daily calorie intake. After a sumptuous meal from Conti's, a slice of Mango Bravo isn't bad, a healthy dessert one can share with a friend with a slice a bit bigger than the usual.

With a cup of coffee or tea, a sinful yet delightful treat...once in a while though.

:) Happy eating!

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[cookiespink] said...

banapple is LOVE!!! :D