Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hearts Everywhere

I missed writing for Couple's Corner because of too much work in the office. Though still busy with work because we are having our strategic planning this week --- too much reporting and quite overwhelmed with the load of work up waiting to be done --- I'm here doing my share to the last topic for the love month...

Hearts Everywhere...From the time I met my husband M, my life was filled with beating hearts...though there are times the beating is faint, most often it's a th

I met M at Haribon. We were both new to the organization. He came just a month before I did. Although our work were unrelated, he was with the Marketing arm as the Membership Retention Officer while I came in the Secretary to the Research Group, fate brought us together. In one of the Membership Department's event, my count
erpart for their group was unavailable on the said day. Maybe, taking his chances, he came up and asked me to cover for their secretary. I took on the task with the intention to learn more of the activity. lol!

Although I have to admit, I already noticed him on my first day of work when the HR assistant introduced the new employees to the whole organization's staff.

The event was a learning activity for me but it was likewise the first step for us to get to know each other better. From then on, M made the effort to be more friendly with me. As much as I tried not to give meaning to his actions, I found myself expecting fo
r more.

Reporting to work wasn't hard for me as I was looking forward to going to work not just because I was new but because I found an inspiration.

Since then hearts were everywhere! In the workplace, on my mobile phone, on my emails...

Just to give you an idea of how the love story went...My first day of work was on June 2, the event was on June 17, our first date and kiss was June 25 and we went steady on June 28...whirlwind, you bet! But unlike other whirlwind romance that ends as fast as it started, ours became a promise to have and to hold, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, til death do us part =)

Seems that this post is a compilation of this month's topics huh, lol!

Hope everyone had a happy heart's month!!!

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momgen said...

Cute naman sa love story mo kilig to the bones...Happy CC!

mine is here

simply kim said...

wow! sharp memory you got there... and yes, your love story is really sweet!

Mommy Liz said...

Talagang may kasama pang date?? within one month naging kayo? wohoooo! ang bilis ni M hahaha! at ikaw bumigay ang puso ke M.. I do believe na wala sa amount ng time yan eh, its' the quality of time spent together. eh feel nyong kayo na, bakit patatagalin pa di ba? Ang cute ng love story mo, you're right, pinag isa mo ang month's topics, hehehe...good to know about your story.. it's a great one.

Jona said...

uy may first kiss agad kahit di pa kayo ha...strike the iron when it's hot! ;D
CC:Hearts everywhere

ACmomCee said...

ahaha!!! ang blis natin ah! I enjoyed reading your story... so detailed! HERE'S MINE