Monday, February 21, 2011

Mommy Moments: Valentine's Day 2011

This post was due last Friday but was too busy with both family and work...yeah even on weekends!!!

How did we celebrate Valentine's day this year?

To start with, I brought along our kids to the office for our mini Valentine's party. Although the party started at 3pm, the kids came along in the morning. Why so? Leon was requested by our HR Staff to play cupid that day. At about 10 in the morning, we had to undress him. Clad only with his white brief on, he went around the office to distribute packs of local chocolates to all staff present that day. The whole office was so cheerful about this little chubby boy going around.
The mini party went on as planned, we had games, prizes and food. The male employees shelled out money to purchase flowers for all the ladies in the office. A single stemmed red rose was distributed to us by one male staff while the rest of the guys were serenad
ing us with a love song while showing an AVP of all of the past and present lady employees.

Special prizes such as curly tops, chocnuts and cloud9 chocolates were handed to randomly picked names of employees that can show any RED item worn such as clothes, footwear, underwear (if you are brave enough to show it) and accessories. I won a Hany chocnut because of my red Ipanema slides.

At home, we just had the usual dinner but my husband surprised me with a bunch of lovely red and yellow carnation flowers.
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Chris said...

what a cute cupid! :D happy mommy moments!