Monday, February 7, 2011

Mommy & Me Mondays#6: Dinner at Mister Kebab

M and I are fond of eating out. We definitely love food, this is one of our ways of giving ourselves a treat after a week of hard work. Most often, we do it on Sundays after hearing mass with the kids.

This weekend, M's hungry tummy led us to Mister Kabab at West Ave. Mister Kabab serves Persian cuisine with the price easy on the pocket. I've heard so
much of Mister Kabab but going there last night was my first. I would say, I'll definitely go back to experience the other dishes. M & I ordered for the Shawarma plate while Leon opted for the Chicken Chelo Kabab. Maia's too little to order for herself, she munched the tomatoes that went with the Shawarma plate instead. Besides, she just had her milk before we reached the place. Leon enjoyed the garlic sauce which wasn't rationed.

The restaurant isn't so fancy, so don't expect much from it. What I like about the set-up is the spacious aisle in between tables, giving each diner enough space for themselves. Plus running on ceiling fan instead of air conditioning units gives the place a more cozy ambiance while promoting an environment friendly behavior.

Here are photos of us while waiting for our orders to be served.

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casseydab said...

ka kagigil mwahhhhhhhh cute

inday_adin said...

So cute and adorable! :)

Adin B

Krystyn said...

So very cute.