Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween Costumes

This the time of the year when my kids and I are excited about dressing up for their school's Halloween Party. It's quite a big deal on my part because I didn't experience dressing up when I was young. During my younger years, Halloween wasn't an occasion to celebrate. Halloween parties and dressing up is fairly new in the Philippines, it started maybe 10 years ago or less, when a few rich people in their posh villages initiated the trick or treat thing for children, thus allowing them to dress up. Until some malls and some middle class villages followed suit.

Besides, in the Philippines, the folkloric characters for hallow's eve are a bit morbid, not too child friendly. Unlike the vampires, bats and pumpkins which can be designed to be less fearsome.

As early as the malls in the metro decorated for their windows with Halloween designs, my children were as much as excited.

Leon wants the Iron Man 2 costume while little Maia wants either a fairy costume a.k.a. Tinker Bell or any Disney princess costume.

Though I find these costumes cute, I'm a bit hesitant because technically they do not fit the Halloween theme. So what I'm doing right now is convincing them to wear a costume which may be cute and carries the Halloween motif...

My suggestions are the following:

For Leon: Groot

And for Maia: Mavis of Hotel Transylvania

So far though my suggestions are taken in positively. The next step is for me to produce the costumes and for them to try them out before the actual party.

Wish me and my creativity luck!

Will try to post the outcome anytime soon :)

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