Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mass Offerors

October 4, 2015, the 27th Sunday in Ordinary time as reflected in the Catholic Calendar wasn't totally ordinary for the Ponce Family :-)

Lem on any Sundays, would always ask my opinion on where to hear mass. But yesterday was quite different, he told us that we're hearing mass at the Gateway Mall chapel. I, we didn't oppose whatsoever. In my thoughts, it was a practical idea since we're bound for Cubao anyway, might as well hear mass there.

Normally, we're a bit late or arrives exactly on time, but this time we were 30 minutes ahead. For us, it was a normal Sunday mass. Little do we know that the Lord had a plan for us, He's making it extra special for our family.

While waiting for the mass to begin, the kids were busy chatting with us, asking random questions such as how old Jesus is? Which McDonald's restaurant to eat to make sure we get the Mavis free toy in the Happy Meal? and know how kids are...Then two ladies approach us on our seat, one sat in front of us, while the other one remained standing at the end of the pew. I acknowledged them to be the ladies attending to the mass, maybe part of the Mother Butler Guild of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish of Cubao.

The lady who sat in front of us, in her gentle tone, asked if it is okay for us to be the family offeror for the mass.Lem and I looked at each other, and with our eye contact, as if understanding each other, we, with a bit of hesitation (but feeling awesome) on my part, agreed to her invitation. Hesitant, because, I think we were dressed inappropriately! All of us were ruggedly dressed ~ all were in jeans and tees, Maia, though a little girl, was in demin shorts! Huh! a mother's nightmare it was for me...but on a instant, I ditched being a disgust. It was the Lord's plan for us. At that time, the Lord wasn't particular on how we looked like, He was more in tuned with the state of our spirituality at that exact moment.

Getting myself composed, we listened very carefully to the lady as she gave us the instructions. Leon and Maia will hold the candles, I will bring the Host and Lem the Wine.

And while listening at the Gospel readings and the Homily, which was centered on Marriage and Family (1st Reading: Gen 2:18-24, 2nd Reading: Heb 2:9-11 & Gospel: Mk 10:2-16), it wasn't a coincidence, it was God's plan for us, and in His way blessing and strengthening our family in faith.

From that moment, until we were to do the offering, though I tried hard to concentrate on the mass, I was feeling grateful and awesome that the Lord chose us to be the offerors, we were indeed honored to be!

When it was time to do the offering, the four of us, Lem with the Wine, me with the Hosts, Leon and Maia with the candles, walked proud towards Father Jun, who blessed us upon receiving the offerings. I was nearly on tears while listening to Father bestowing on us the Lord's blessings.

October 4, 2015, the 27th Sunday in Ordinary time wasn't ordinary at all. Yesterday was a Sunday to remember, it was the moment when the Lord came within us and made us stronger as a family.

A blessed Sunday indeed!

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