Monday, October 5, 2015

High School Homecoming

Homecomings are generally a joyful event. High school reunions are the most fun since we get in touch with the people who were with us during our "transitional" stage. Most often than not, these set of friends are the ones who stick with us through thick and thin.

I just had one last Saturday, though it was batch 1990 of Stella Maris College, Quezon City who was the host, our batch, 1989, though a few, came to support. In as much as I want to concentrate on the program they prepared, being with my high school friends means more than the program. The small chit chats and the catching up seems endless plus the fooling around of some goofy friends are priceless = endless fun and laughter.

Seems like a day with them isn't enough...oh how I love my batch mates. Hail Stella Maris, Hail Batch 1989!

And hey, can you spot Leon and Maia, they tagged along too since Daddy M was at work ~ a wholesome moment with friends and family =)

My entry to Mommy and Me Monday...yey! I'm back!

PS. Grabbed these photos from my friend's fb pages to which I was tagged as well :) Thanks!

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Sarah Coggins said...

Looks like a great time!