Wednesday, March 18, 2009

25 Random Things

got tagged by my husband are 25 random things about me :)

1. My real name is Yasmin, my nickname (since birth) is Girlie but most of my friends call me Hahai :)
2. I'm hooked to Hello Kitty items - from wallet, to t-shirts, to soap case...
3. I'm do cross-stitching, I've been doing this since 1992 and was able to sell quite a number of finished designs
4. Like my husband, I too, love nature! I love to see the greens of the fields and the blue body of water....wonderful colors of nature!
5. I'm into collecting ref magnets - it started with a give away in a wedding I attended some years ago.
6. I have a hand for krafts - aside from cross stitching, I've tried candle making, sewing, crocheting. Latety, I've been thinking of getting into soap making and basket weaving.
7. I'm afraid of snakes
8. I don't know how to swim, though I tried snorkeling a few times - haven't conquered the fear yet
9. I'm a foot fetish!
10. I love eating but not cooking
11. I'm a shoe and bag addict
12. I like reading - though not much lately because lack of time
13. I enjoy re-arranging the house
14. I'm into sports - volleyball, badminton, tried table-tennis, wall climbing, biking
15. I started collecting restaurant tissue - an inexpensive hobby :)
16. a pasta lover - one reason I guess why me and my husband clicked
17. I love spicy dishes - can't do without spicy side dish every meal
18. Don't like milk - lacto intolerant
19. Love dancing
20. Love animals, dogs especially but don't have a pet right now
21. I have high threshold for pain - didn't feel any pain while giving birth
22. a Sta Claus believer! (still...)
23. Love to travel - though not yet in other countries...I wanted to explore my country first
24. Favorite fruit - Durian!
25. Favorite vegetable - bitter gourd :)

Now I'm forwarding this to Jen and Eartlingorgeous...hope we'll get to know each other better through this :)

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Anonymous said...

:-) nice to know u, i have some similarities too..