Tuesday, March 24, 2009

flip flops

As mentioned in my previous blog (25 things about me), I'm fond of footwear (...and bags). Footwear ranging from flip flops, casual to sexy to formal footwear.

I'm more for open pair of shoes... it's more relaxing on my foot. I'm also on the practical side in buying shoes or any footwear for that matter. Of course I go for the more reasonably priced pair. Over-priced footwear especially flip flops can't be found in my list of 'things to buy'. Although, I have to admit, I really want to own a pair of a famous brand of flip flops, I just can't get over it's price!

Until two weeks ago, I got a gift certificate for free from Ipanema! (another brand of footwear mostly sandals and slippers). I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of their new line of footwear the Ipanema GB seed collection. The launch was for its support to Haribon Foundation's ROAD to 2020 project. In which part of the sale of each pair of the GB seed collection will be for the benefit of the said project.

The gift certificate allowed me to get a pair of Ipanema flip flop of my choice. Yahoo!

Incidentally, ELRO Corporation, the distributor of Ipanema had an event last Saturday entitled "Walk the Green Mile", a walkathon event that would kick off their support to Haribon's reforestation (rainforestation) project. To make the event more fun and exciting, the organizers gave 50 free pairs of the GB seed collection. Since we came in early and was one of the first to register, me and my 2 nieces were able to get a free pair and since I already got one, I gave my stub to my mom who was with us during the event.

We are really thankful to Ipanema and ELRO for giving us the chance to experience the comfort of a quite expensive pair of slippers!

Likewise, cheers to Ipanema and ELRO for the support they give to different beneficiaries, for this year Haribon Foundation and its advocacy of conservation and protection of the remaining natural Philippine forest!

This pair I got for my mom :)

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