Tuesday, March 24, 2009

our precious Kotse Car

A few days ago, I received a text message from my husband inquiring if it's okay for us to sell "Kotse Car". Kotse car is our first ever car. Me and my husband were still dating when we acquired the car...of course second hand. Both of us loves Kotse car, especially my husband who had numerous experiences with the car, be it good and not-so-good.

When the message got into me, it took me a few minutes to think about it. I really felt sad! We tried our best to restore Kotse car (a Toyota Coron Silver Ed). Little by little, whenever budget is not so tight, we add some improvements to the car. He was really a work in progress and we still have more plans for him.

Last year, we started experiencing the effects of the global financial crisis, we have been thinking of letting go of Kotse car...:(

My husband had posted ads in the internet and lately we have been receiving queries on the price and the condition of the car...It has been sinking into us, the idea of selling Kotse car in now getting into reality.

This is one of the things that I really don't like...letting go of people and things that are special to me. It may appear to be too materialistic but the memories we had with Kotse car...he is really part of our life. It makes me more sad because our son won't even remember Kotse car. Even close friends feel sad about the idea of giving up the car.

How I really wish that things would turn around and life would be more easy for us so we won't let go of Kotse car...


Jeff said...

That is truly very sentimental. Even I can,t imagine ever selling our Nissan California if we ever get the chance of getting a newer car.

But, I guess I might consider it, too if crisis hits.

lemuel said...

this is our first car in our lives that i clearly remember the feeling the first time i drove it out of the auto shop of my cousin. it felt heavy, had a weird smell, was slow and i could very well hear the engine when i accelerate. i hate the idea of selling it but sometimes, i feel i don't have any choice. i do get signs sometimes that buyers back-out, does it mean that kotsecar will still be with us?