Thursday, March 4, 2010

Strawberries for Leon

I dropped by the supermarket yesterday to buy some ingredients for our dinner last night, while going around the supermarket, I chanced upon a package of strawberries. I really don't know if strawberries are in season but looking at the redness of each piece of strawberry made me decide to put it in my basket.

It was my son Leon whom I was thinking all the while while deciding to buy the strawberries or not. It'll be his first time to eat the fruit as a fruit. His usual encounter with strawberries are those already processed as jelly or shake or as fillings in some sandwiched-crackers and so.

On my way home, my thoughts were...i hope he'll like it, i hope he'll like it. When I reached home, with crossed fingers, I showed the package to our son, seeing it, his face shone with excitement.

After supper, we had the strawberries served as dessert. Seeing the fruit again being served in the table, he made sure that he'll be the first one to eat them. Grabbed the biggest piece and bit it with delight. Me and my husband took great pleasure looking at our son enjoying every piece of strawberry there is.

I'm just so thankful that our son isn't difficult to feed - healthy foods for that matter. I do keep praying though that his eating habit won't change as he grows older.

Even when I was tucking him in bed, just before he fell asleep, he still asked me if there were still strawberries for tomorrow... hmmm he definitely liked it!

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