Friday, March 5, 2010

Nanny: Part 2

I've mentioned in my earlier post regarding our replacement nanny who smokes cigars.

I have my preference in terms of hiring nannies for our child. My personal requirements are as follows:

1. Should be at least 18 years old, preferably single
2. Knows how to speak the English language
3. Must have had an experience caring for children with age range as my son's
4. Must enjoy the company of children
5. Does not smoke cigars and is not alcoholic

I'm very much particular with item #5. Why? Cigar smokers already made cigarette smoking a habit, most of the time, it's already part of their lifestyle. I have nothing against the person smoking, it's their choice. But once it affects me, my family, especially my children, that's when it becomes a matter to be dealt with.

Upon interview, this must be disclosed to us. Me and my husband, after the questioning the potential nannies, would also ask them of their expectations and about matters to be clarified with before starting. Talking about this particular nanny, which we are on trial with, she did not tell us that she smokes. Had I knew before hand, we wouldn't accept he

It is a fact that non-smokers who are exposed to second hand smoke are at greater risk than that of direct smokers. What more if second hand smokers are children. Passive smoking post a risk to children as this can cause low birth weight babies, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), bronchitis, pneumonia and middle ear infection. We are not even talking about the risk of lung cancer brought about by either direct smoking or passive smoking.

It not just posses risk with our 3 year old son, whom she's taking care of, it likewise poses risk with the baby I'm about to deliver in a month.

Today, since there are 2 potential nannies, which I'm very much inclined to hire, me and my husband will be talking to the current nanny about her smoking habit and have to explain to her about effects it has on our child, we just have to decide not to proceed to hiring her.

It'll be unfortunate for her to be unemployed but the great risk she has with my son and the soon-to-arrive baby is far more important to me than anything else.

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