Friday, March 5, 2010

The coming of our second baby

I'll be on my 31st week of pregnancy by tomorrow. I'm due May 2nd but since I'm on c-section, we're scheduling my delivery 2nd week of April, that will be exactly a month and a week from now. Excited? Yes! Though this is our 2nd child already, but as parents, the coming of a child whether it's a firstborn or not is a reason to prepare and celebrate. For like more than two weeks already, this baby I'm heavy with keeps on moving around, making us more excited for the coming. I had my ultrasound already, but as mentioned in my previous blog, me and my husband didn't want to know the sex of the baby -- this is one reason why we're excited. There's more though, me and my husband are having fun listening to our friends' guess of what the baby will be...boy or girl. I even have a tally sheet in the office of my officemates' guesses. What's leading? Most of them guess this child would be a girl. Quite funny because, the reasons behind their guesses are mostly based on how I appear to them as a pregnant woman. Others would base their guesses on the movements of the child in me -- if the baby is behave, most probably it's a boy, while if the baby often moves, it'll be a girl.

But what makes me more excited is the reaction of my husband whenever the baby moves. He often compares it to my first pregnancy, in which our son then wasn't as active as this one now.

Much also to my excitement is when I started to bring out our eldest son's infant clothes and other stuff which will be worn and used by this baby. Another reason is that I've overheard some of my officemates about the baby shower they're preparing for me.

Hmmm, I don't know when but soon I will start counting the days till my delivery...

Definitely, with all the emotions attached to being pregnant, a child is a gift from God!

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