Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cervix Cancer

Yesterday, an officemate told us that her mom was diagnosed to have stage 3 cervical cancer. Recently, in the news cancer of the cervix is on headlines and most of us (women) in the office are quite alarmed already of the whole idea. Recent news tells us of this viral infection that can lead to having cervical cancer...need to read more on this though.

One of the managers already requested all of us to inquire from our OB-Gyne the cost of the vaccine which all women must submit to to avoid the infection. We might be able to get discount if we go as a group :). Maybe pharmaceuticals also can provide for this cause.

The idea is quite vague to me yet and my attention isn't focused on it, but hearing from somebody who has it is really really alarming.

I do believe in the saying "prevention is better than cure." As early as now we need to get more info on this, preventive measures must be practiced to avoid the disease. Let's all live a healthy lifestyle, not just for ourselves but most especially for our loved ones.

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