Tuesday, April 7, 2009

where my taxes go

I just came from Quezon City Hall to do some office errands...by the way, most of my staff are on leave for the Holy Week, including the messenger, so I had to do his work for today. Though I'm on leave as well...hmmm

It has been years since I went to the place, I think some three years ago while we were doing some arrangements for our wedding...the permits and everything.

I'm really quite pleased to have seen the improvements in the QC Hall compound. There are 2 new buildings! This is one of the few simple things we can be proud of for our local government. I've witnessed the works of (I think...)3 QC Mayors and of all, I can say, Mr. Sonny Belmonte has done so much for the government.

Aside from these buildings, it has been visible already for quite sometime the new school building and the facade of public schools. At least these schools will not appear to be too "kawawa" with the old structures which are common to public schools...because of "lack of budget", I guess.

Not that I'm being political here...which isn't really my personality. I'm just happy with the fact that the taxes I pay goes somewhere visible than in the pockets of most politicians.

I hope the improvements and developments in this city will continue and even if new people will hold the posts, I also hope that they will continue the good things that was started by this current office.

Cheers to Mayor Belmonte and the Quezon City Government!

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