Monday, April 27, 2009

Wedding Organizer

Wedding Organizer, I just got too excited about the idea! I've wanted to really concentrate on this task but it got sidetracked because of the load I have with my full-time job.

Just this weekend, I closed a deal with a couple-friend whose getting hitched early next year. Since both are close friends, the fee that I charged is way way too low as compared to other events organizers, wedding in particular.

This is actually my second wedding event. Technically, the first one was my wedding! Though there were some bloopers, the wedding went out just fine and as planned. Something I'm very proud of and to which these friends really are relying upon my "expertise" in handling such an event.

I'm still waiting for another couple-friend who are also in the planning stage but are still undecided...oh well...patience is (still) a virtue...

Crossing my fingers, hoping that this will be the beginning of the realization of something I was just dreaming of some years back.

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