Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy week vacation

April 6, actually a holiday but our boss gave out directives to move the holiday to Wednesday so instead of a sandwiched workdays, we're having it today and tomorrow :).

Any much as we want to go out of town, we decided not to. Why? Almost everyone from Manila are spending the holidays out-of-town! It's the time of the year that we can freely drive within Metro Manila without the hassle of traffic and too much people around.

We'll be going Visita Iglesia on Holy Thursday, with my mom and my mom-in-law. Where to? no clear plans yet, my husband wants to go east while I want to explore more churches in Metro Manila. We've been to the most common but more relevant churches in Manila and I know there are more to go to.

On Friday, maybe we'll just stay at home, spend time with our son and do some reflections about the message of the holy week. I'm still quite old fashioned regarding beliefs esp on Holy Week...don't want to break them...better safe than sorry.

Saturday...I really don't know yet if my sis-in-law's plan for an overnight out-of-town will push through as almost all resorts and beaches are fully booked.

Easter Sunday - we can try Easter Egg Hunt, since our son is bigger and thougher this year...He'll be able to go through the search with much bigger kids - it'll be his first if ever.

just a reminder, though this may be a long week off from work, I hope everyone finds time reflecting on the real meaning of Christ's death. Have a Happy Easter as well!

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Anonymous said...

happy easter to u and enjoy ur holidays!