Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day

Today's Earth Day, let us do our share in keeping mother earth a good place to live in, not just for us but for our children and our children's children.

Mother Earth has been good to us, providing us with so many things. From the basics such us food, clothing, shelter and medicine to name a few and to the more complex - to the extent of degrading her such as logging and mining. The latter which is we shouldn't do and promote, still many already have benefited from these activities.

Simple actions such as the common waste segregation, reducing, recycling and reusing can be a good start in doing our share of saving mother earth.

Waste segregation - this can be started in our own household, segregating per se biodegradable materials from non-bio degradable materials. Further, segregating reusable materials, recyclable materials thus reducing consumption of various "hazards" to the environment. It is also advisable to clean materials before segregating so as to avoid pests in the household. We can set up properly labeled boxes or crates for the materials we are segregating.

Avoid using plastic materials. We can start by reusing shopping bags or by bringing our own shopping bags in doing our groceries and doing our shopping. There are a number of non-governmental organizations who promote the use of "katcha" bags or coco-cloth bags in their advocacy of helping our environment. Supporting them by using
these bags will also support their cause in saving the environment.

Go Green! - plant trees in our backyards. If we do not have enough space in our backyard, potted plants will do. Plants in any form help the environment by absorbing
carbon dioxide we emit and transforming them to oxygen. Plants also absorbs carbon emission of various appliances and vehicles. There is a computation on-line where we can compute for our household carbon emission and the corresponding number of plants/trees we need to plant to absorb the carbon we emit.

We can also join in local environmental organiza
tion who promotes planting of native trees to offset our carbon as well as help save our environment particularly saving the Philippine's Natural Forest.
These are just a few practices we can start with. With these simple acts, we can make a difference for our environment. Let us make Earth day everyday.

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